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  • New Website Functions Make Shopping Easier than Ever

    To make browsing with EM and finding your perfect shades easy and fun, we've developed new product pages to help you shop carefree! Check out the new features that we have available!

    Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 4.42.23 PM

    1. A comprehensive product page for each EM favorite. 

    Now, when you want to look at a specific product that we have -whether it's base shades, finishing dusts or eyeshadows- you will see all of the colors that we offer in one place. The bases are organized from lightest to darkest, and you'll be able to see swatches of each shade by simply moving your mouse over the different options. Choosing your color has never been easier!

    2. Social Media integrated into each product page.

    You will be able to easily like, tweet and pin from each individual product page, allowing you to quickly save items that you like and want to come back to later, share with friends, and get recommendations from other friends about what products they are using and loving!

    3. Reviews available on each product page.

    Ever wondered what other EM fans think about the products you are about to buy? Find out what other users love and get tips and tricks from them about how they use their products at home! You'll also find a detailed ingredient list and a Q&A to answer all of your EM questions!

    Plus you can email products to friends, create your own EM wish list to make sure you get the gifts that you want. Enjoy!

  • New Matte and Semi-matte Base Names

    Big news! We are super excited to let you know that now, it's easier than ever to find your perfect base - in a flash! We've revolutionized the concept of effortlessly identifying which base shade is your absolute ideal match, with our newly developed naming system for our foundation colors. With this advanced color system, you can easily locate your true match quickly and easily.


    Already know your perfect shade? Don't worry, our previous foundation shade names will be listed next to the new ones until you get accustomed to the switch!

    In addition to the new color system, we're going back to our roots. You loved the original formulation of our Matte and Semi-matte bases, and we've heard you! These "Real Simple" award-winning new shades incorporate everything that you love about our range of bases, and offer the same coverage you love, with fewer ingredients. Plus, they are now available at Whole Foods! We've taken what you've told us you loved most about our classic formula, such as the tones and pigment qualities, and revitalized them in a fresh and new way. The bases are now organized in a way that you can clearly differentiate between warm and cool tones and the level of depth (lightness or darkness) you need. There are seven levels of tones organized from 0-7 based on your corresponding user on our newbie page.


    Order of tones from lightest to darkest: Fair (0), Ivory (1), Light (2), Beige (3), Medium (4), Tan (5), Almond (6), Bronze (7)

    They are also organized based on undertones: Golden (W), Rosy (C) and Neutral. Need help finding your undertones?

    We hope that you find this new system incredibly helpful in identifying your perfect base, and that you enjoy the new Matte and Semi-Matte Bases as much as we do!

    Here's a list of the new and old shade names.

    Neutral Tones

    fair_neutral_3_10N- Fair  (formerly Fair Neutral)

    linen_1_4_11N- Ivory  (formerly Linen)

    fairly_light_neutral_6_12N- Light  (formerly Fairly Light Neutral)

    fairly_light_2_2_13N- Beige  (formerly Fairly Light)

    beige_neutral_4_14N- Medium  (formerly Beige Neutral)

    tan_1_1_15N- Tan  (formerly Medium Beige)

    6N- Almond  (coming soon)

    bronze_matte7N- Bronze  (new shade)

    Golden Tones

    golden_fair_1_2_10W- Golden Fair  (no Golden Fair)

    light_olive_1_21W- Golden Ivory  (formerly Light Olive)

    light_neutral_1_4_12W- Golden Light  (formerly Light Neutral)

    buttered_tan_3_13W- Golden Beige  (formerly Buttered Tan)

    light_medium_1_2_14W- Golden Medium  (formerly Light Medium)

    medium_tan_1_2_15W- Golden Tan  (formerly Medium Tan)

    tan_1_1_16W- Golden Almond (formerly Tan)

    7W- Golden Bronze  (coming soon)

    Cool Tones

    fair_9_10C- Rosy Fair  (formerly Fair)

    sunkissed_fair_1_2_11C- Rosy Ivory  (formerly Sunkissed Fair)

    multi_tasking_neutral_1_2_12C- Rosy Light  (formerly Multi-tasking Neutral)

    fair_medium_6_13C- Rosy Beige  (formerly Fair Medium)

    medium_1_3_14C- Rosy Medium  (formerly Medium)

    light_tan_1_2_15C- Rosy Tan  (formerly Light Tan)

    6C- Rosy Almond  (coming soon)

    7C- Rosy Bronze  (coming soon)

  • Customer Created: New Matte/Semi-Matte Base Shade

    Here's something that I bet you didn't know about Everyday Minerals: some of our colors are created by EM users! Many times, if we don't have a shade that a customer needs, and they reach out to us, we create it!


    Here's an email correspondence from Patricia, we didn't have a shade that perfectly matched her skin tone, so we made one just for her. And now it's available to everyone else as well! It's a warm, deep shade called Bronze, perfect for Patricia's rich chocolate skin tone. Keep your eyes open for Patricia's custom-created shade, along with a whole host of darker shades to suit all women of all skin tones! Our goal is to have a comprehensive line that encompasses every woman, every skin tone, every skin type, and all walks of life. So if there is something that you need that we don't currently provide, tell us!



    "Guys, I don't know what to say to you. I had tears rolling down my face earlier this afternoon when I got a random compliment at the bakery while picking up some bagels. I've lived in this area 7 years and today the woman said,  "Patricia, what's different about your face? You wearing a new makeup or you got some good sleep. You're glowing." She sees me regularly! I wear wearing the sample shade you sent me recently. It's just a teeeeeeeny bit darker than my normal complexion but for summer, it is SPOT ON! It's beautiful. No gray shadiness, I mean, it's me only better.

    Listen to me. You people are amazing. I have never, ever been able to wear ANY foundation all day long without wanting to tear my skin off my face within a few hours. Right now it's just about 5 pm EST and I've been wearing my Everyday Minerals since about 11 a.m. and I am not even aware of it on my skin. No irritation, no itchiness, no bumps...I do not know what to say. Other than, "Thank you." Thank you.

    Thank you. I don't know who the engineer is behind the blending of the shade that you sent me, but if you happen to be a woman, then you know what this means. Whether I'm in a suit at a meeting or just in jeans at the supermarket, I want to feel confident, pretty, assured that I look my best. To be able to put on a powder foundation and some lip gloss and greet the world feeling like a superstar is a big deal. If the shade isn't right, nothing is right. I finally have a gorgeous shade that even my neighborhood baker noticed."

    Thanks, Patricia!


  • Love at First Blush Kit Giveaway

    *We have 3 winners for our Love at First Blush Kit! Aditi Giasotta, Karina Beck, and Traci Goodwin! If you see this before you get our message, email us at!

    Xoxo, EM

    Find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to enter again!

  • EM Around Town: SXSW


    Calling all music-loving Austinites and visitors alike! SXSW is a time to discover great up-and-coming bands, eat good food and enjoy the first bit of warm weather before it gets unbearably hot here in TX!


    Keep an eye out, you may just see EM around town! We will be mixing and mingling, doing on the street makeovers, jamming to our favorite tunes and giving away some Tinted Lip Butters!



    So if you see us, come say hi!


  • About You

    Want to hear what other EM users think about new products? Here's a snippet of reviews and opinions about our new Tinted Lip Butters directly from you!

    Fotor0107111824.1 From left to right: Sweet Secret, Rose Petals, Nearly Nude, Honey Rose Elixer. Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Pearly Plush Tinted Lip Butter

    Sandi- "I have fair-light neutral toned skin (a bit on the pink side), and my lips can best be described as mid-range pink-mauve, which makes Pearly Plush just the right color. My lips are small, so the pearl finish makes them look a bit fuller. The texture is also excellent - smooth, creamy, comfortable. I liked this lip butter so well that I ordered some other colors."

    Whitney M- "This is such a great product-- it very moist, perfect for my dry lips. I was worried that this particular shade might be too "pearly" but it's actually just the right amount of shimmer to keep the product appropriate for everyday use."

    img_20140103_121357426rosepetal&sweetsecretswatches.1 Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Honey Rose Elixer Tinted Lip Butter

    Kara S.- "Super moisturizing and love the shade! It is lighter than Everyday Mineral's older lipsticks. It is a sheer tint of color, so don't think it will have the coverage of a lipstick, but an awesome product nonetheless!"

    Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter

    Nicelle P- "I love everything about the lip butter–from smell to moisturizing characteristics, I will continue to use it and purchase other colors in the future."

    Fotor0105125024.honeyrose&nearlynudeswatches.1 Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Sugared Mauve Tinted Lip Butter

    Charlotte H.- "This is far superior to the Burt's Bees tinted balm I've used for years! It's very moisturizing, much more than other lip balms. And the color is perfect! Definitely there and not too light, but not too much either. It's easy to put on while I'm out without needing a mirror."

    Here's what blogger and fan Chickweed and Blush thought about the Lip Butters, read the full review on her blog here.

    "I was really excited to see lip products back on the EM website as I still have a few of their older products and just love them! I was actually sent four lip butters to test, so I'll do a quick review of each. But before I do that, let me just say that if you are expecting these to offer a heavy lipstick like coverage, you may be a bit disappointed. If, however, you love a sheer wash of color that hydrates as well as enhances your lips, then this is your new holy grail lip product! The ingredient list alone was enough to win me over - usual suspects like castor seed, coconut, and sunflower seed oils and shea butter, and more exotic ingredients such as marula and passionfruit oils as well as murumuru butter that all work together to nourish and hydrate, while meadowfoam seed oil gives a glossy finish."

    Everyday Minerals was also recently featured in Petit Vour, a natural Beauty Box. Check out what one reviewer, 2 Little Rose Buds, had to say about the Tinted Lip Butter that was included. Also, she is doing a giveaway for a one-month subscription to Petit Vour open on her blog here until 3/26.

    "I was a little hesitant to try this… I have small lips and never really use any color on ‘em for fear of making them look even smaller. When I opened this up and saw the deep mauve-y color, I got even more nervous. Thankfully, it goes on very sheer. It gave me just enough of a tint to add color without looking too obvious. I may actually end up using this, which is impressive since I seriously never wear anything on my lips besides natural balms. Woo!"

  • New Store Opening: Whole Foods Market at the Domain

    Your Everyday Minerals product can now be found at one of our favorite stores - Whole Foods Market at the Domain, which is right here in Austin!

    Domain_Store_Front_View Whole Foods at the Domain in Austin. Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market®

    We can’t tell you how excited we are that Whole Foods customers can now experience the quality of Everyday Minerals products on their next trip to the market. Come in for a bunch of fresh kale and organic apples, and leave with an Everyday Minerals product or two!

    Whole Foods now carries our Finishing Powders, Matte Bases, Concealer Sticks, Tinted Lip Butters, Face Brushes, Skin Tints, and Blushes. Plus, as a super special in-store bonus, Whole Foods will get the First Look at many of our new product offerings, meaning that they will have our newest products on the shelves before they are even available on the EM website!

    photo 3 Helping new Everyday Minerals customers find their perfect shades and products at one of our in-store demos!

    At Everyday Minerals, we love everything that Whole Foods stands for. Their stores incorporate such a wonderful assortment of products, and I love that they carry foods that actually expire! I am also fond of the size and feel of their stores, and always get such an approachable, cozy and positive vibe from them.

    Not to mention, we share many of the same core ideals with Whole Foods. From firmly opposing animal testing to a dedication to organic, natural products, and also micro credit lending. We’ve done this for several years with, and fully support it. Overall, we just feel such a wonderful synergy with them! Plus, the Domain location in particular offers a wonderfully vibrant and diverse shopping experience for their local Austin community.

    Whole Foods Market - Domain is located at 11920 Domain Drive, Austin Texas, 78758 and is open from 8am-10pm seven days a week.

    We can’t wait to see you there!



  • The Rose Collection

    Everything's coming up roses with the Spring color collection at Everyday Minerals. Pastel and blush tones are the inspiration behind this collection. Fresh fields of roses that mimic the natural flush you were born with give your skin the romanic radiance that's perfect for any season. Take a peek inside the collection.




    Four new blushes are the focal point of the collection. Field of Roses (Pictured left) mimics a cool, pale lavender rose, while Tea Rose (Pictured right) is more of a blush tone. Fresh Rose Blossom resembles a pale pink rose and Primrose is a warm, peachy tone.




    We've paired these with two Tinted Lip Butter shades, a peachy nude (Nearly Nude, bottom) and a brighter blush tone (Spring Berries, top).




    To round off the collection, we've added in Sheri's Radiant Creation, a neutral peach highlighter that will add a subtle shimmer all over the face or on the eyelids and Joy, the perfect matte neutral shadow to pair with rosy color choices.

  • EM Bamboo Brushes Featured in Austin Monthly

    Everyday Minerals Bamboo Brush Sets were recently featured in The Innovation Issue of Austin Monthly Magazine.  To celebrate we are offering select bamboo brushes at 40% off.

    BRUSH_ROLL_AUSTIN_MAG Everyday Minerals brush sets at Austin's Formula One party. Photo Courtesy of Austin Monthly Magazine.

    We met up with Austin Monthly at the kickoff party for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix held here in Austin at the W Hotel.

    Photo Courtesy of atmtx at The W Hotel Photo Courtesy of atmtx at 
  • Eclectic Society Fashion Magazine features EM



    From runway and street style to music and art, Eclectic Society covers it all. Based out of Paris, the popular online source for beauty, fashion and everything in between has recently begun issuing a bi-annual print publication (See cover photo above.) Editor Anna Barr dishes on her love for vegan cosmetics, new EM products and the musical muse kit on their website here.

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