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  • Customer Created: New Matte/Semi-Matte Base Shade

    Here's something that I bet you didn't know about Everyday Minerals: some of our colors are created by EM users! Many times, if we don't have a shade that a customer needs, and they reach out to us, we create it!


    Here's an email correspondence from Patricia, we didn't have a shade that perfectly matched her skin tone, so we made one just for her. And now it's available to everyone else as well! It's a warm, deep shade called Bronze, perfect for Patricia's rich chocolate skin tone. Keep your eyes open for Patricia's custom-created shade, along with a whole host of darker shades to suit all women of all skin tones! Our goal is to have a comprehensive line that encompasses every woman, every skin tone, every skin type, and all walks of life. So if there is something that you need that we don't currently provide, tell us!



    "Guys, I don't know what to say to you. I had tears rolling down my face earlier this afternoon when I got a random compliment at the bakery while picking up some bagels. I've lived in this area 7 years and today the woman said,  "Patricia, what's different about your face? You wearing a new makeup or you got some good sleep. You're glowing." She sees me regularly! I wear wearing the sample shade you sent me recently. It's just a teeeeeeeny bit darker than my normal complexion but for summer, it is SPOT ON! It's beautiful. No gray shadiness, I mean, it's me only better.

    Listen to me. You people are amazing. I have never, ever been able to wear ANY foundation all day long without wanting to tear my skin off my face within a few hours. Right now it's just about 5 pm EST and I've been wearing my Everyday Minerals since about 11 a.m. and I am not even aware of it on my skin. No irritation, no itchiness, no bumps...I do not know what to say. Other than, "Thank you." Thank you.

    Thank you. I don't know who the engineer is behind the blending of the shade that you sent me, but if you happen to be a woman, then you know what this means. Whether I'm in a suit at a meeting or just in jeans at the supermarket, I want to feel confident, pretty, assured that I look my best. To be able to put on a powder foundation and some lip gloss and greet the world feeling like a superstar is a big deal. If the shade isn't right, nothing is right. I finally have a gorgeous shade that even my neighborhood baker noticed."

    Thanks, Patricia!


  • Love at First Blush Kit Giveaway

    *We have 3 winners for our Love at First Blush Kit! Aditi Giasotta, Karina Beck, and Traci Goodwin! If you see this before you get our message, email us at!

    Xoxo, EM

    Find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to enter again!

  • Love at First Blush


    The perfect trend for Spring: effortlessly flushed cheeks. This season is all about making new, and in six different shades of rose, this collection does just that. Imitate the beautiful, natural flush you were born with in a variety of warm and cool shades with the Love at First Blush Kit. Wear them alone, or layer together to create more of a pop. You'll feel like you've dropped into the Renaissance. Read below to find out how you can enter to win the kit!

    A lot of people want to ask what types of blush they can wear: warm or cool? The answer is you should wear either and both! Sure, when it comes to choosing foundation, you want to go with the undertone that matches your skin, but when it comes to color all rules are off! Just keep your warm cheeks with warm lips and vice versa, and you can do no wrong!

    Tip: If you feel that warm tones aren't looking the best on you, try a lighter shade. Usually the problem isn't the tone of the color, it's that it is either too light or too dark!


    Wear any of the blushes in the kit alone or try using these combos to get a signature look! For any of these looks, apply the first shade all over the cheekbone with the angled side of the Double Ended Angle Brush and Mineral Blush, blending back into hairline, then apply second shade just to the apples of the cheeks with the other side of brush and blend out.

    Cool Combo: Fresh Rose Blossom popped with Field of Roses

    Warm Combo: Pink for Flower popped with Primrose

    Neutral Combo: At First Blush popped with Tea Rose

  • Spring Hair Tutorial: Romantic Side Braid

    photo 1


    There's nothing like soft waves and a loose side braid to make you feel oh-so romantic. Add in a few dreamy flowers, and you're ready for a bright spring day!

    Shop the inspiration: The Rose Collection

    Start with your hair down in loose waves. Skip the curling iron and just spritz your hair and wear it in a bun for a day! Take down and finger curl the waves away from your face.


    photo 2-3


    Separate your hair 1/4 up and 3/4 down. Secure the part below with an elastic band.


    photo 3


    Begin with a basic, reverse french braid on one side, wrapping around to finish on the opposite side of your head. Don't worry if it's not perfect, it's supposed to be messy! Need some help learning how to do a reverse braid?


    photo 4


    Finish by pulling out sections of the braid to make it loose and messy, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Finish by pinning in flowers (we also used some Rose bobby pins)


    photo 1-3

  • Rose Beauty Tips

    Inspired by the beautiful new blushes from our Rose collection, we've compiled all of our rose beauty tips from around the office. Turns out, roses aren't just pretty to look at, there are tons of skincare benefits as well!

    Shop the new blushes here

    KKP_1232 Clockwise from top: Primrose, Field of Roses, Tea Rose and Fresh Rose Blossom Blushes.

    1. Roses are a great natural anti-aging tool.

    FIlled with anti-oxidants and vitamins, roses are a great way to protect against harmful environmental factors, keeping your skin supple and healthy.

    2. And the ultimate skin balancer.

    Used as an emollient for dry skin, an astringent for acne-prone skin and an anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, it covers all the bases to keep your complexion smooth.

    3. Let's not forget about aromatherapy.

    Stress has a direct effect on the look and feel of your skin. Using the relaxation benefits of breathing in Rose oils and fragrances can help keep your skin and psyche balanced.

    Try these tips to incorporate roses into your beauty routine. 

    A steam facial: Great for leaving skin looking hydrated and feeling clean, putting some rose oil and/or petals in a steam facial is the perfect way to relax and refresh after a long day.

    Add a drop of rose oil to your daily moisturizer: It is intensely concentrated, so you will get major benefits from a small amount, plus the smell is divine.

    Use rose water as a face tonic: It's safe and gentle and provides calming, soothing and moisturizing benefits, perfect for using on top of the rose blushes to keep skin looking supple and glowy.


  • Choose Your Rose

    One of the things that we love the most about the new Rose Collection is it's versatility. No matter your mood or taste, there's a rose for every occasion. Which do you choose?



    Clockwise from Top Left:

    Peach Rose Warm, inviting and used to express cheer, this charming rose is often the center of a party representing friendliness and social prowess. (Primrose Blush combined with Blooming Mauve + Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter)

    Pale Pink Rose An embodiment of beauty, soft tones invoke joy in the most delicate of ways. Poise and grace make this the ballerina of roses. (Fresh Rose Blossom Blush combined with Rose Petals + Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter)

    Lavender Rose Known for their eye-catching enchantment. Bold yet dreamy and endearing, It's no coincidence they are a symbol of love at first sight. (Field of Roses Blush combined with Sugared Mauve + Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter)

    Bright Pink Rose A symbol of admiration and one of the original rose colors, this classically vibrant shade is perfect for trendsetters that never go out of style. (Tea Rose Blush combined with Spring Berries + Rose Petals Tinted Lip Butter)

  • The Rose Collection: Get the Look

    Get the cover look for The Rose Collection, inspired by fields of fresh roses and perfect for spring. IMG_0047


    What R'Bonney's wearing

    photo 1

    From left to right: Joy Eye Shadow (all over lid,) Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter, Field of Roses Blush

    photo 2


    From top to bottom: Vanilla Cream Concealer Stick, Peach Color Corrector Stick (under eyes), Jojoba Base in Shell Blanc, Sheri's Radiant Creation all over and Mrs. Coffee in brows.

  • The Rose Collection

    Everything's coming up roses with the Spring color collection at Everyday Minerals. Pastel and blush tones are the inspiration behind this collection. Fresh fields of roses that mimic the natural flush you were born with give your skin the romanic radiance that's perfect for any season. Take a peek inside the collection.




    Four new blushes are the focal point of the collection. Field of Roses (Pictured left) mimics a cool, pale lavender rose, while Tea Rose (Pictured right) is more of a blush tone. Fresh Rose Blossom resembles a pale pink rose and Primrose is a warm, peachy tone.




    We've paired these with two Tinted Lip Butter shades, a peachy nude (Nearly Nude, bottom) and a brighter blush tone (Spring Berries, top).




    To round off the collection, we've added in Sheri's Radiant Creation, a neutral peach highlighter that will add a subtle shimmer all over the face or on the eyelids and Joy, the perfect matte neutral shadow to pair with rosy color choices.

  • Let "The Real You" Shine Through

    Your beauty, your way. The Real You complexion kit gives you flawless skin. See yourself perfected, never made up. With a complete 7-piece pure mineral kit, you can achieve the ideal glow and a polished skin tone the natural way.


    1. Apply Calm and Collected Skin Tint (more dramatic) or Poised to Perfection Skin Tint (more subtle,) as an all over glow to the outer portions of your face, creating a halo effect. Good for all skin tones.

    2. Apply Bronzed Finishing Dust on forehead and cheekbones, where the sun would naturally hit.

    3. Apply Pearl Finishing Dust on the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose to highlight your features.

    4. Set & Perfect: Apply Finishing Dust or, if you need to cut through redness, Sunlight Finishing Dust all over your skin to keep you shine-free all day long.

    The Real You Kit comes with an eco-friendly Bamboo Baby Flat Top Brush. It flawlessly applies all minerals, and, due to it's short growing cycle, bamboo is the most sustainable of all woody plants!

    Other uses for The Real You Kit


    Contouring (with its just-as-fabulous relative Highlighting) can give your face dimension like you've never thought possible! You can illuminate parts of your face, such as the bridge of your nose or your cheekbones, by using light-altering Pearl Finishing Dust... this subtle manipulation of light and shadow is so much fun to play with!

    The first step to becoming a contouring pro is to know which parts of your face are the strongest, and the ones that could use a little help in the highlighting department. If you have a weak chin, or would like your cheekbones to pop a bit more, these are areas that a little bit of highlighter can go a long way. Or, if you'd like to slim your nose without going under the knife (eek!), contouring the bridge of your nose is a great option for you.

    For the cheeks, be sure that you don’t apply Pearl Finishing Dust directly to them. Alternatively, you should dust on in a C-shape, starting at your temples and extending along the bone just below your eyes. Highlighting under your hollow on the back third of your jaw will create a deeper hollow and increase the prominence of your cheekbones.

    Eyeshadow Primer

    As the summer months begin to heat up, it's a given that our skin will go crazy and shine will be out of control. An oily complexion is no fun! Oily eyelids can definitely be a bummer when all you are lusting for are dreamy, matte eyes. Don't fret, we've got you (and your lids!) covered. A quick fix that we've discovered works wonders is using just a dab of the Finishing Dust to prep fiercely fight against shine. Simply apply a touch of the dust with our Everyday Eye Shadow Brush prior to applying your eye shadow of choice, as it will work as a primer and combat oil in a flash. Once you've applied your shadow, add one final, light layer of the Finishing Dust to complete your look. Secret: this also tones down the sparkle of some of our super-shimmery shadows.
  • Skin Tints: Calm and Collected

    As you know, we've recently debuted our new skin tints, which provide your skin with a sheer tint that's never heavy or obvious. You can read all about the Poised to Perfection tint here, which as I mentioned, gives your skin a matte look and instantly masks pores while camouflages fine lines and blemishes in a natural looking way.


    Today, I'm here to fill you in on our other tint, Calm and Collected. Unlike Poised to Perfection, this magical product will give your skin the loveliest glow, and is suitable for all different types of skin tones. In appearance, it resembles a medium/bronze shade that contains light-reflecting pigments that will brighten your skin from the inside out. I like to tell my friends that these tints are nearly translucent, and won't mask your skin in any way. Expect a nice, light feel on the skin, that's powdery in texture and leaves your complexion totally gorgeous.

    Just like the Poised to Perfection tint, Calm and Collected is versatile enough to flawlessly blend with all skin tones, and is offered at a special value pricing of $15 each. As always, the tints were created to be 100% vegan, and there is never any animal testing in this product - or any of our products for that matter! We've added two key ingredients into both of our tints, bamboo powder and black currant fruit extract. We chose to include bamboo powder due to how naturally rich it is in silica. Bamboo powder is essential in terms of plumping fine lines, eliminating wrinkles, and clearing blemishes in a natural way. Black currant extract is full of essential fatty acids that hydrate the skin and provide a radiant glow.

    I like to use our Calm and Collected tint in a number of ways, both layered on top of my base and on its own. I would suggest applying your usual base as normal, and then adding on a light layer of the tint to give your skin an added glow. If I'm in the mood to go bold and bronze, I'll even add on a bit of bronzer before applying the tint. These two products work very well together and complement each other nicely. Be sure to apply the bronzer first, however - that way, you can determine the right amount of tint that you desire for your skin.

    I hope you love our new skin tints as much as I do!

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