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  • New Website Functions Make Shopping Easier than Ever

    To make browsing with EM and finding your perfect shades easy and fun, we've developed new product pages to help you shop carefree! Check out the new features that we have available!

    Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 4.42.23 PM

    1. A comprehensive product page for each EM favorite. 

    Now, when you want to look at a specific product that we have -whether it's base shades, finishing dusts or eyeshadows- you will see all of the colors that we offer in one place. The bases are organized from lightest to darkest, and you'll be able to see swatches of each shade by simply moving your mouse over the different options. Choosing your color has never been easier!

    2. Social Media integrated into each product page.

    You will be able to easily like, tweet and pin from each individual product page, allowing you to quickly save items that you like and want to come back to later, share with friends, and get recommendations from other friends about what products they are using and loving!

    3. Reviews available on each product page.

    Ever wondered what other EM fans think about the products you are about to buy? Find out what other users love and get tips and tricks from them about how they use their products at home! You'll also find a detailed ingredient list and a Q&A to answer all of your EM questions!

    Plus you can email products to friends, create your own EM wish list to make sure you get the gifts that you want. Enjoy!

  • New Matte and Semi-matte Base Names

    Big news! We are super excited to let you know that now, it's easier than ever to find your perfect base - in a flash! We've revolutionized the concept of effortlessly identifying which base shade is your absolute ideal match, with our newly developed naming system for our foundation colors. With this advanced color system, you can easily locate your true match quickly and easily.


    Already know your perfect shade? Don't worry, our previous foundation shade names will be listed next to the new ones until you get accustomed to the switch!

    In addition to the new color system, we're going back to our roots. You loved the original formulation of our Matte and Semi-matte bases, and we've heard you! These "Real Simple" award-winning new shades incorporate everything that you love about our range of bases, and offer the same coverage you love, with fewer ingredients. Plus, they are now available at Whole Foods! We've taken what you've told us you loved most about our classic formula, such as the tones and pigment qualities, and revitalized them in a fresh and new way. The bases are now organized in a way that you can clearly differentiate between warm and cool tones and the level of depth (lightness or darkness) you need. There are seven levels of tones organized from 0-7 based on your corresponding user on our newbie page.


    Order of tones from lightest to darkest: Fair (0), Ivory (1), Light (2), Beige (3), Medium (4), Tan (5), Almond (6), Bronze (7)

    They are also organized based on undertones: Golden (W), Rosy (C) and Neutral. Need help finding your undertones?

    We hope that you find this new system incredibly helpful in identifying your perfect base, and that you enjoy the new Matte and Semi-Matte Bases as much as we do!

    Here's a list of the new and old shade names.

    Neutral Tones

    fair_neutral_3_10N- Fair  (formerly Fair Neutral)

    linen_1_4_11N- Ivory  (formerly Linen)

    fairly_light_neutral_6_12N- Light  (formerly Fairly Light Neutral)

    fairly_light_2_2_13N- Beige  (formerly Fairly Light)

    beige_neutral_4_14N- Medium  (formerly Beige Neutral)

    tan_1_1_15N- Tan  (formerly Medium Beige)

    6N- Almond  (coming soon)

    bronze_matte7N- Bronze  (new shade)

    Golden Tones

    golden_fair_1_2_10W- Golden Fair  (no Golden Fair)

    light_olive_1_21W- Golden Ivory  (formerly Light Olive)

    light_neutral_1_4_12W- Golden Light  (formerly Light Neutral)

    buttered_tan_3_13W- Golden Beige  (formerly Buttered Tan)

    light_medium_1_2_14W- Golden Medium  (formerly Light Medium)

    medium_tan_1_2_15W- Golden Tan  (formerly Medium Tan)

    tan_1_1_16W- Golden Almond (formerly Tan)

    7W- Golden Bronze  (coming soon)

    Cool Tones

    fair_9_10C- Rosy Fair  (formerly Fair)

    sunkissed_fair_1_2_11C- Rosy Ivory  (formerly Sunkissed Fair)

    multi_tasking_neutral_1_2_12C- Rosy Light  (formerly Multi-tasking Neutral)

    fair_medium_6_13C- Rosy Beige  (formerly Fair Medium)

    medium_1_3_14C- Rosy Medium  (formerly Medium)

    light_tan_1_2_15C- Rosy Tan  (formerly Light Tan)

    6C- Rosy Almond  (coming soon)

    7C- Rosy Bronze  (coming soon)

  • EM Brush Guide: Bamboo Face Brushes

    Our selection of extremely versatile and multi-purpose brushes is all your skin will ever need!

    Super sustainable, 100% vegan and cruelty free, Everyday Minerals brushes are made from renewable bamboo and the softest synthetic bristles ever! These brushes are the ultimate balance of luxury and craftsmanship, and are designed to last from season to season.


    It’s easier than ever to create flawless, glowing skin and beautiful color with this huge selection of bountiful brushes.

    I’ve gathered all of our face brushes here, to act as an all-encompassing brush guide that you can refer to for all your face and cheek application needs:


    doubleendedangledmineralbrush_copyDouble Ended Angled & Mineral Brush - Do double duty with this genius dual sided brush. Enjoy angled bristles on one side and round bristles on the other, perfect for alternating between blush and base coverage or contouring and cheek color.

    doubleendedfoundationconcealbrush_copyDouble Ended Foundation & Conceal Brush - Enjoy even concealer coverage on one end, and flip right over for buildable, beautiful foundation coverage.

    ovalconcealerbrush_2Oval Concealer Brush - Firm-yet-soft synthetic bristles and a special tapered design allow for precise application and blending of your Everyday Minerals concealers. Get a smooth application with a flawless finish and kiss blemishes and discoloration goodbye!  It's an excellent tool of choice for applying concealer around the face and delicate eye area. Simply apply concealer using gentle patting motions to build coverage to the desired area.  Blend around the edges for seamless application.

    angledblushbrushAngled Blush Brush - Silky, angular bristles make defining your cheekbones a snap. The precise angle of the bristles on this brush were expertly cultivated to glide across your cheeks at just the right place, giving your cheeks that perfect pop!

    angledfacebrush_copyAngled Face Brush - The Angled Face Brush is ideal for delivering a smooth and flawless foundation base application with perfect precision. Apply and blend with the side of the brush for best results.

    angledkabukibrush_1Angled Kabuki Brush - The angled bristles contour delicately to your face, and the shorter handle is greatly unique. Get in on the kabuki rage and see for yourself why this is one of our best sellers!

    babyflattopBaby Flat Top Brush - This brush proves that good things really do come in small packages! Perfect for travel, this baby sized brush features flat top bristles for even, all over base application.

    domeblushbrushDome Blush Brush - Can apply both powder or blush to your face. However, it provides a superior blush application. Gently sweep product to the desired location of the face using the flat side of the brush. Tap off any excess before application to avoid any harsh deposit of color or powder to the face.

    eobotanartisankabukibrushEco Botan Artisan Kabuki Brush - This unique brush has long been used in traditional Japanese culture for kabuki performances, and now is yours for blending and buffing in minerals flawlessly. The large dome shape of the bristles ensures even coverage while the base of the brush fits conveniently in the palm of your hand.

    flattopbrushFlat Top Brush - Created to be a one-stop-shop for foundation and all over face powders, the flat top bristles allow you to enjoy even coverage and easy application as the base of the brush fits effortlessly into your hand.

    foundationbrushFoundation Brush - An essential star in our brush collection, this brush is designed to distribute minerals evenly for the ultimate natural look. Versatile for all areas of the face, the medium sizes bristles offer even, full coverage. Apply and blend with the side of the brush for best results.

    longhandledkabuki_1Long Handled Kabuki Brush - The perfect brush for layered coverage, it is also fabulous for blush and face mineral application. The Long Handled Kabuki Brush is also an excellent tool for travel due to its size. Just make sure to tap out any excess product when using blush since the denser bristles of this brush can deliver color more boldly to the skin. Sweep to blend on the face and cheeks.

    largemineralbrushPlush Mineral Brush - A plush, large all over face brush with round shape. A fully functional brush that delivers buildable coverage with minimal strokes. This bamboo brush is gorgeously dense with synthetic bristles and designed for flawless mineral application.  If you're searching for an airbrushed finish, this is just the brush to do it. Works flawlessly for Face powders and Bronzers.

    taperedsculptingbrushTapered Sculpting Face Brush - Find precision perfection with this brush, which has been designed with accurately tapered bristles that are perfect for sculpting and contouring. From sheer to moderate to heavy coverage, you’ll find your complexion polished and pretty when you use this brush.

  • Spring Essentials for an Active Lifestyle

    Spring is here, and with it comes the chance to enjoy the sunshine! It's time to get out and get active! Use these tips and products to keep you looking effortlessly fresh throughout all of your warm weather fun!


    Whether you're going for a jog on the beach or a hike through the woods, these products will keep you looking perfected in an easy way. Even if you want to work up a bit of sweat on your lunch break, these tricks will have you looking fresher than you did before you started. And with all natural, pure mineral ingredients, you can be sure they are as good for you as your workout.




    Finishing Dust is the number one product for a girl-on-the-go. Completely translucent, so it looks like you're wearing nothing, this product soaks up all shine from any activity and keeps working long after you apply it. Plus the golden tint counteracts any post-workout redness

    Most of us don't want to look like we are wearing makeup while working up a sweat. Poised to Perfection Skin Tint gives a warm radiance to the skin, without shimmer, to give a nice glow to areas that may feel sallow or masked. Use all over the face, starting on the outside and working in.

    Tinted Lip Butters are the perfect products for a barely-there lip treatment. Being outdoors in the sun or wind will dry your pout out. Nourishing plant oils and butters keep your kisser soft and smooth, plus a sheer wash of color adds a touch of sheen without looking overdone.

    Finally, touching up post-activity to re-enter the real world is made easy with Cream Concealer Sticks. Use Color Correcting Sticks to cut through any darkness underneath the eye and concealer sticks to provide soft, glowy coverage around the nose and cheek area, leaving you effortlessly polished and ready to go!

  • Easy Tips for Increased Energy… Naturally!

    As the season of spring is starting to peek it’s sunny self into our lives, we are excited about the endless possibilities that lay ahead. Blossoming flowers, warm walks, and long sun-filled days… spring is a season of fresh beginnings and new opportunities. As such, we’ve gathered some of our favorite natural tips that can help boost your energy levels so that you are all set for spring. A collection of advice we’ve gathered over the years and tips from our dearest friends, these natural ways to stimulate energy are all completely wonderful… and effective.


    1. Stay Hydrated

    It’s a given that staying hydrated and drinking water provides your body with countless advantages, and yet we oftentimes forget to drink enough and our bodies get dehydrated. Along with dehydration comes feeling tired or sleepy, so quench your thirst with lots of water during the day to feel light and energetic. I like to start my morning with a big glass of water, and then always keep a glass bottle (which I constantly refill) with me during the day. I love natural spring water the best.

    2. Get moving!

    Don’t underestimate the power of staying active. Even a bit of exercise and movement daily, from taking the stairs to walking instead of driving, can go a long way to putting that extra spring in your step. As your endorphins begin to flow and your oxygen intake increases, you’ll begin to notice a boost in overall vitality and a reduction of stress.

    3. Be Present

    Instead of worrying about what’s coming up tomorrow or dwelling on what happened yesterday, which can be a huge energy-zap, focus on the present. By remaining in the now, your energy levels will remain high throughout the day. It’s important to focus on what’s happening in any given moment, and understand that everything else will work itself out in the way that it’s meant to.

    4. Stretch!

    One of my favorite things to do right as I wake up every morning is to STRETCH! By purposefully and intentionally focusing on the stretching of each and every one of my muscles, from my feet to my face, I feel instantly awake and energized. Start by breathing deeply and allowing yourself to fully stretch your entire body. From there, hop out of bed and get ready to conquer your day.


    5. Greens

    I am a huge lover of green juice and green veggies, and press my own daily. Honestly, getting into this healthy habit will give you such a natural energy boost that you may even find yourself saying goodbye to coffee for good. I love combining any and all vegetables I have at the moment, from leafy greens like romaine lettuce and kale to cucumbers, celery, and even some lemon juice. Green vegetable juice naturally alkalizes your cells and nourishes your body, leaving you feel light and alive.

    6. Laugh!

    Laughter is really the best medicine, so whether you hear a hilarious joke or you remember an old story with a friend, the simple art of laughter can release any pent-up stress for a natural boost of energy.



  • EM Around Town: SXSW


    Calling all music-loving Austinites and visitors alike! SXSW is a time to discover great up-and-coming bands, eat good food and enjoy the first bit of warm weather before it gets unbearably hot here in TX!


    Keep an eye out, you may just see EM around town! We will be mixing and mingling, doing on the street makeovers, jamming to our favorite tunes and giving away some Tinted Lip Butters!



    So if you see us, come say hi!


  • Love at First Blush


    The perfect trend for Spring: effortlessly flushed cheeks. This season is all about making new, and in six different shades of rose, this collection does just that. Imitate the beautiful, natural flush you were born with in a variety of warm and cool shades with the Love at First Blush Kit. Wear them alone, or layer together to create more of a pop. You'll feel like you've dropped into the Renaissance. Read below to find out how you can enter to win the kit!

    A lot of people want to ask what types of blush they can wear: warm or cool? The answer is you should wear either and both! Sure, when it comes to choosing foundation, you want to go with the undertone that matches your skin, but when it comes to color all rules are off! Just keep your warm cheeks with warm lips and vice versa, and you can do no wrong!

    Tip: If you feel that warm tones aren't looking the best on you, try a lighter shade. Usually the problem isn't the tone of the color, it's that it is either too light or too dark!


    Wear any of the blushes in the kit alone or try using these combos to get a signature look! For any of these looks, apply the first shade all over the cheekbone with the angled side of the Double Ended Angle Brush and Mineral Blush, blending back into hairline, then apply second shade just to the apples of the cheeks with the other side of brush and blend out.

    Cool Combo: Fresh Rose Blossom popped with Field of Roses

    Warm Combo: Pink for Flower popped with Primrose

    Neutral Combo: At First Blush popped with Tea Rose

  • About You

    Want to hear what other EM users think about new products? Here's a snippet of reviews and opinions about our new Tinted Lip Butters directly from you!

    Fotor0107111824.1 From left to right: Sweet Secret, Rose Petals, Nearly Nude, Honey Rose Elixer. Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Pearly Plush Tinted Lip Butter

    Sandi- "I have fair-light neutral toned skin (a bit on the pink side), and my lips can best be described as mid-range pink-mauve, which makes Pearly Plush just the right color. My lips are small, so the pearl finish makes them look a bit fuller. The texture is also excellent - smooth, creamy, comfortable. I liked this lip butter so well that I ordered some other colors."

    Whitney M- "This is such a great product-- it very moist, perfect for my dry lips. I was worried that this particular shade might be too "pearly" but it's actually just the right amount of shimmer to keep the product appropriate for everyday use."

    img_20140103_121357426rosepetal&sweetsecretswatches.1 Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Honey Rose Elixer Tinted Lip Butter

    Kara S.- "Super moisturizing and love the shade! It is lighter than Everyday Mineral's older lipsticks. It is a sheer tint of color, so don't think it will have the coverage of a lipstick, but an awesome product nonetheless!"

    Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter

    Nicelle P- "I love everything about the lip butter–from smell to moisturizing characteristics, I will continue to use it and purchase other colors in the future."

    Fotor0105125024.honeyrose&nearlynudeswatches.1 Photo courtesy of Chickweed and Blush at

    Sugared Mauve Tinted Lip Butter

    Charlotte H.- "This is far superior to the Burt's Bees tinted balm I've used for years! It's very moisturizing, much more than other lip balms. And the color is perfect! Definitely there and not too light, but not too much either. It's easy to put on while I'm out without needing a mirror."

    Here's what blogger and fan Chickweed and Blush thought about the Lip Butters, read the full review on her blog here.

    "I was really excited to see lip products back on the EM website as I still have a few of their older products and just love them! I was actually sent four lip butters to test, so I'll do a quick review of each. But before I do that, let me just say that if you are expecting these to offer a heavy lipstick like coverage, you may be a bit disappointed. If, however, you love a sheer wash of color that hydrates as well as enhances your lips, then this is your new holy grail lip product! The ingredient list alone was enough to win me over - usual suspects like castor seed, coconut, and sunflower seed oils and shea butter, and more exotic ingredients such as marula and passionfruit oils as well as murumuru butter that all work together to nourish and hydrate, while meadowfoam seed oil gives a glossy finish."

    Everyday Minerals was also recently featured in Petit Vour, a natural Beauty Box. Check out what one reviewer, 2 Little Rose Buds, had to say about the Tinted Lip Butter that was included. Also, she is doing a giveaway for a one-month subscription to Petit Vour open on her blog here until 3/26.

    "I was a little hesitant to try this… I have small lips and never really use any color on ‘em for fear of making them look even smaller. When I opened this up and saw the deep mauve-y color, I got even more nervous. Thankfully, it goes on very sheer. It gave me just enough of a tint to add color without looking too obvious. I may actually end up using this, which is impressive since I seriously never wear anything on my lips besides natural balms. Woo!"

  • Spring Hair Tutorial: Romantic Side Braid

    photo 1


    There's nothing like soft waves and a loose side braid to make you feel oh-so romantic. Add in a few dreamy flowers, and you're ready for a bright spring day!

    Shop the inspiration: The Rose Collection

    Start with your hair down in loose waves. Skip the curling iron and just spritz your hair and wear it in a bun for a day! Take down and finger curl the waves away from your face.


    photo 2-3


    Separate your hair 1/4 up and 3/4 down. Secure the part below with an elastic band.


    photo 3


    Begin with a basic, reverse french braid on one side, wrapping around to finish on the opposite side of your head. Don't worry if it's not perfect, it's supposed to be messy! Need some help learning how to do a reverse braid?


    photo 4


    Finish by pulling out sections of the braid to make it loose and messy, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Finish by pinning in flowers (we also used some Rose bobby pins)


    photo 1-3

  • Rose Beauty Tips

    Inspired by the beautiful new blushes from our Rose collection, we've compiled all of our rose beauty tips from around the office. Turns out, roses aren't just pretty to look at, there are tons of skincare benefits as well!

    Shop the new blushes here

    KKP_1232 Clockwise from top: Primrose, Field of Roses, Tea Rose and Fresh Rose Blossom Blushes.

    1. Roses are a great natural anti-aging tool.

    FIlled with anti-oxidants and vitamins, roses are a great way to protect against harmful environmental factors, keeping your skin supple and healthy.

    2. And the ultimate skin balancer.

    Used as an emollient for dry skin, an astringent for acne-prone skin and an anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin, it covers all the bases to keep your complexion smooth.

    3. Let's not forget about aromatherapy.

    Stress has a direct effect on the look and feel of your skin. Using the relaxation benefits of breathing in Rose oils and fragrances can help keep your skin and psyche balanced.

    Try these tips to incorporate roses into your beauty routine. 

    A steam facial: Great for leaving skin looking hydrated and feeling clean, putting some rose oil and/or petals in a steam facial is the perfect way to relax and refresh after a long day.

    Add a drop of rose oil to your daily moisturizer: It is intensely concentrated, so you will get major benefits from a small amount, plus the smell is divine.

    Use rose water as a face tonic: It's safe and gentle and provides calming, soothing and moisturizing benefits, perfect for using on top of the rose blushes to keep skin looking supple and glowy.


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