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  • Everything's Coming Up Roses

    I am a self-admitted rose lover. From the fragrant aroma of fresh cut roses to using a few drops of rose essential oil in the bath, I can't get enough of this glorious flower. So, it should come as no surprise to you that the pretty pale pink hue of springtime roses served as my inspiration in creating two of our latest blush shades!

    First we have At First Blush, a dreamy, luscious pastel color that will give you a rosy flush for any kind of weather.


    This is a lovely light, warm pink that will give your cheeks the perfect pop of color as the weather begins to warm up for spring.
    Our second newest blush is called Pink for Flower Blush, and is a bit paler and dustier than the other.
    This shade resembles a sweet bouquet of soft hints of pink blossoms in a field of flowers, and provides just the most delightful kiss of color!

    Our new Love At First Blush Kit also contains a delightful array of rosy spring blush shades that I've had so much fun playing around with over the past few weeks!

    While layering these shades to create totally new combinations for my cheeks to revel in, I had the pleasure of seeing YouTube beauty superstar Samantha Schuerman include a shade of blush from this kit, Tea Rose, as one of her recent weekly favorites!
    Click here to check out her awesome video - her EM review begins at the 4:35 mark :-)

    4_13_Samantha Schuerman 1
    4_13_Samantha Schuerman 2
    4_13_Samantha Schuerman 3
    4_13_Samantha Schuerman 4
    Love this!
    Can't wait to hear what you think of our new lovely rose colored blushes :-)
  • DIY Weaving Loom

    I’ve always wanted to get into weaving, but the sky high prices of a just a simple loom really hindered my interest. One day, after receiving a fresh pair of shoes, it occurred to me, “I can just use the box to make a loom…genius!” And so, this DIY was born.


    What You Need:

    Lid from a cardboard box




    Duct Tape

    Yarn for your weaving




    1. 1. Cut off the edges/fold-over part of your cardboard box, and trim the piece of cardboard the desired length for your weaving.


    1. 2. Using a ruler, mark lines at every half inch along the top and bottom of your board. Then make little snips along these lines to create slits that will hold the yarn in place.


    1. 3. String pieces of yarn between the slits at either end, and leave tails hanging.


    1. 4. Flip the box over and tape down the tails with duct tape.


    1. 5. Now, start your weaving too look however you would like it to look! After every few rows, push the lines together so they stay nice and tightly packed.


    1. 6. Once you’re wrapped up, tie off the ends (I did it in groups of three since I like the tassel look) and weave back in and tails you left hanging on the sides.


    1. 7. I decided to hang my weaving from a stick, so at the top I simply tied groups of three around the twig and trimmed the excess. If you have a different method of hanging, you can always weave the loose ends at the top back into your piece.


    Enjoy the house décor, everyone! This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her on her blog here for posts like these and more!


  • Spring Blogger Love!

    It's Spring... one of my favorite seasons! Flowers are blooming and the sun is warming up the soil, and there's just such a feeling of growth and regeneration in the air. Love!
    Today, I am so excited to share with you a bunch of recent blogger love for some of our freshest products of the season. We recently launched two fantastic new kits, the first being the REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT.
    EM The Real You Kit
    This kit contains all of your skin essentials for Spring... from beautiful bronzers to fabulous finishing dusts. Plus, you'll find the cutest Baby Flat Top Brush to apply these divine dusts. The REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT was designed to let your beauty shine through, and enhance your complexion's natural radiance. 
    Our other new kit (which I am especially crushing on) is our LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH KIT.
    EM Love at First Blush Kit
    If you're on the hunt for the most perfect assortment of rosy, feminine, gorgeous shades of blush for Spring - look no further! This delightful array of rosy tones, from neutrals to brights, warm to cool, will leave your cheeks feeling like the fairest of flowers.
    I was thrilled that a bunch of my favorite bloggers, Instagram stars and YouTube vloggers were so enamored with these kits! The beautiful photos and videos that they shared with their loyal followers were just too amazing not to pass along to you!
    Bloggers showed so much love for the LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH KIT, from Courtney of Pretty Little Fawn pretty rose-adorned image to An of Haute Pink Pretty's shot of her blushes that were perfectly complemented by the pink hue of her Chanel book. Christina of Trop Rouge also posted an adorable image of her favorite rosy blush, and Coury of Fancy Treehouse's photo of her daughter's hand grabbing for the blush just made me melt!
    0 3_22_Pretty Little Fawn
    0 3_29_Haute Pink Pretty Instagram
    0 3_23_Trop Rouge
    0 3_31_Fancy Treehouse
    There was just as much love for the REAL YOU COMPLEXION KIT, as Christina of Trop Rouge so kindly shared another awesome photo with her followers of her new favorite Poised to Perfection Skin Tint, and fellow Texas-based blogger Jen of Deep in the Hart's super cool shot was so artistic! YouTuber beautybabexo24 also did a cool video review of this kit.
    0 4_2_Trop Rouge Instagram
    0 3_27_Jen Coleman Instagram
    0 4_2_beautybabexo24 5
    The blogger love didn't stop there! NYC-based model and all-around cool girl Natalie of Natalie Off Duty shared her slew of new EM products with her followers, and Kendra of Vlog with Kendra gave a shining review of our ALL SMILES BLUSH as a part of her recent Friday Faves video.
    0 3_29_Natalie Off Duty Instagram
    0 4_2_Vlog with Kenrdra 5
    0 4_2_Vlog with Kenrdra 4
    It makes me so happy to see all of these great women loving our products! 
    Xo, C
  • 5 Products I'm Loving for Spring

    EM Spring 5

    Spring is in the air! The season that brings fresh energy and a wonderful feeling of inspired renewal is upon us, and I can't wait to lighten up on several levels. First, I plan on spending more time outdoors... walking through the beautiful fields here on our farm in Austin, planting flowers and enjoying time with my family. I also plan to lighten up by practicing many of the tips I offered up for ways to naturally increase your energy levels.  
    Another way I want to lighten up this spring? With my makeup! I have always been a big fan of light, minimal makeup, and so many of our newest products take this message to heart! Whether it's by providing a delicate, sheer wash of earthy color or a shade that naturally resembles the skin, I've rounded up 5 of my favorite products for pretty spring makeup looks.
    The Soft Peach Color Corrector is magical in terms of it's skin correcting qualities! By adding just a dab of this product, discolorations are neutralized and skin tone is evened. 
    Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter is a totally moisturizing balm with the prettiest hint of natural berry color. Marula and Passion Fruit plant oils, along with Murumuru Amazonian butters and Meadowfoam Seed Oil leave behind a nourishing gloss that is so delectable.
    The Fresh Rose Blossom Blush provides you with a subtle kiss of rosy color that enhances the natural tone of your cheeks. This shade will give you a fresh-faced rosy flush.
    Our Bronzed Finishing Dust will offer your skin a bit of completely natural sun-kissed color, replication the look of spending a lazy afternoon in the sun. A translucent tint of color that never looks fake, this dust is a must-try!
    I Fancy You Eye Shadow is such a wonderful, neutral color that provides a tender touch of dimension to your lids for Spring. A light taupe color that can be layered with other shadows, this shade is great for a barely-there makeup look.
    Xo, C
  • Behind the Scenes: The Rose Collection

    Here's a few behind the scenes photos from our latest shoot. We can't get enough of the dreamy, romantic feel of the set for our Spring color collection. Rustic Texas countryside, blush tones and rose petals have us longing for warm weather and blooming buds.

    Shop the Rose Collection











  • Face Sculpting with Everyday Minerals Powders

    We've gotten many requests from fans who want to see a how-to on highlighting and contouring with mineral powders. So, here are the tips from Carina herself! Read below to see how she utilizes EM products on a daily basis to make her face look more defined and bright.
    Of course, different products will be appropriate for highlighting/contouring for different skin tones. Here's a list of products to use based on your skin depth. This is for subtle face sculpting. If you'd prefer a more dramatic look, try choosing the shades a skin tone deeper than your own. EM User below is using tones for Light to Medium Skin.
    Medium to Dark Skin: Everyday Bronzer/ Natural Lucent Powder
    Artist Tip: Remember to Apply enough of the product to see an exaggerated application on the skin, then blend, blend, blend using a Kabuki brush.
    Step 1: Use the Angled Kabuki Brush and the Poised to Perfection Skin Tint and apply a tiny amount to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.
    Step 2: Use Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder to sculpt and accentuate your cheekbones, by lightly applying in a c-shape along the bone just below your eyes and outwards towards your temple.
    Step 3: Apply the Poised to Perfection Skin Tint to the hollows of your cheeks under the cheekbone.
    Step 4: Dust a light layer of the Finishing Dust along your cheekbones to set the look.
    Step 1: To create the illusion of a narrower bone structure on your nose, use the smaller end of the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply a thin line of Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder. For a more dramatic sculpt, add Poised to Perfection Skin Tint on the sides of the nose.
    Step 2: Use the Angled Kabuki Brush to blend.

    Step 1: Minimize the appearance of a wider forehead by using the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply a bit of Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder to the center of the forehead.

    Step 2: Apply Poised to Perfection Skin Tint on your temples and gradually blend outwards towards your hairline, moving upwards subtly along the upper forehead to create dimension.

    Step 3: Use Angled Kabuki Brush all over to blend.


    Step 1: Apply Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder under your chin and blend along the underneath of your jawbone.

    Step 2: Use the larger side of the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply Finishing Dust to the upper part of your jawbone, blending downwards along your neck.

    Step 3: You can also apply Lucent Powder to your collar bone to create a more sculpted look.

  • EM Newbies: Find your Perfect Mineral Shades and Formulas

    Looking for a flawless complexion the natural way? Follow the steps below to find your exact shades and formulas for a perfected look.

    To begin, choose the face that most closely matches your skin tone.


    Think you may be between shades? Don't sweat it. We'll show you how to swatch yourself using our free 7 Piece Sample Kit here.

  • Concealer Corner: Camouflaging Dark Circles

    before copy

    Concealer can be tricky. And, as we generally want it to cover the most important and hard to disguise areas, it is important to choose the right one and apply it the right way. Follow the steps below to instantly cover and brighten darkness under the eye.

    Cream vs Powder

    First thing first, decide which formula you will need. As a general rule, oily areas need powder and drier areas will be best suited with a cream. The under eye tends to be drier than the rest of the face, so you will most likely need a creamy concealer for that area. Keep in mind that this formula is more portable as well, so it's great for spot touch-ups on-the-go. Always remember that you may need different concealers for different areas of the face or different times of year.

    Step 1: Choosing and applying your Color Corrector stick

    For maximum coverage disguising dark circles, start with a Corrector Stick in either a peach or rose undertone. Rose undertones tend to cover blue and purple darkness underneath the eye, while peach serves better to eliminate blue and green. Apply directly from tube, covering any area that appears dark from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye and all the way up to the lower lash line.

    corrector 1

    Apply enough of the product so that you can see it on the skin (lower left) and press in until it blends perfectly (lower right.)

    undereye copy

    Step 2: Choosing and applying your Creme Concealer stick

    Choose a Creme Concealer color that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply on top of Corrector Stick over the entire under eye area, with the Oval Concealer Brush.


    Set with Finishing Dust to lock into place, and your eyes will look bright and awake all day!

  • Two Easy and Traditional Holiday Potpourri Recipes

    The Holidays are officially here, and there’s nothing like smell to remind you of home. If you don’t have the want, time or skill set to make your own goodies that perfume your house the way Grandma did, try these easy recipes and fake it ‘til you make it.

    Orange Pomanders


    You may remember making these as a kid, but if your crafting skills have improved since then, they make not only a beautiful table centerpiece, but fragrant ornaments as well.

    What you’ll need:


    Some people like to map out the design with toothpicks, but it’s much easier to follow if you sketch it with a pencil first. Press cloves into the orange in whatever design you choose. Finish with ribbons, glitter or whatever other crafty things you have lying around.

    Stove Top Potpourri:


    What you’ll need:


    Specifics: 2 cinnamon sticks, handful of spices, 1 cup of cranberry, half of large citrus or one whole small citrus fruit

    Feel free to substitute the oranges and cloves from the recipe above for the grapefruit and mulling spices.

    Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan, cover with water, place over low heat and let the smell of the Holidays carry you away!

  • All New and All Natural: Creme Conceal and Corrector Sticks


    Get the most out of your concealer with our new moisturizing Creme Conceal and Color Correcting Sticks. With three shades in the Correctors to completely neutralize under eye and skin discolorations and six shades in the Concealers to perfectly match any skin tone, these sticks provide the ultimate coverage while still looking like your own skin. 

    These ultra-hydrating formulas are perfect for concealing under eyes, blemishes and other skin imperfections. Formulated with Jojoba and Meadowfoam seed oil to glide on smoothly and never look cakey. Sunflower seed wax gives a crease-free application and an all-day wear. In a portable, travel-friendly container that’ s easy to apply and perfect for on the go.

    Here are swatches of the Concealer and Corrector shades:


    In order from fairest to tan: 

    Concealers: Cream, Nude, Vanilla, Sand, Sesame, Honey

    Correctors: Soft Peach and Peach- Conceals blue and green discolorations such as under eye darkness and bruising, for fair to light to medium skin tones. Natural Rose- Conceals purple and blue discolorations such as under eye darkness and bruising.

    For sheer coverage, apply straight from tube and press into skin. Additional coverage: Apply to oval concealer brush and press onto skin in a stippling motion. Still need more coverage? Try starting with one of our Color Correctors, press concealer overtop and blend. Set with Finishing Dust to remove shine and lock into place. Voila! Even, smooth skin in a flash!

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