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  • What to Wear with The Little Black Dress

    We all know the LBD is never, ever going out of style, and we are very thankful for that. The great thing about neutral colors in your outfit, is that it's not only encouraged but even important to have a little bit of fun with color on your face. Here are a few products to make you stand out before a night on the town.

    We love this simple tank dress from local fashion hub Beehive Boutique. Shop the dress and more online.



    Our Picks

    Clockwise from top right

    Calm and Collected Skin Tint: Black tends to make everyone look a bit sallow. Warm up your skin and get a nice glow by applying Calm and Collected Skin Tint all over, even onto the neck and chest. Prefer a matte finish? Try Poised to Perfection Skin Tint instead.

    Girl Friday Blush: We love a nice pinky blush with a black outfit. And Girl Friday has just enough color to give you the pop you need to stand out. Plus, the name just makes you feel like going out on the town. Apply more liberally than usual, the black is going to mute it out.

    Illuminator X Eyeshadow: A nice, light pinky lid is perfect for this look. Try keeping a clean eye and adding drama with exaggerated liner.

    Mrs. Coffee Eye Liner: Mixing neutrals is always a go, and this is a really subtle way to do it. Depending on your preferred level of drama, apply as thick or thin as you want. Our fave? Really thick with a bit of a wing.

  • Face Sculpting with Everyday Minerals Powders

    We've gotten many requests from fans who want to see a how-to on highlighting and contouring with mineral powders. So, here are the tips from Carina herself! Read below to see how she utilizes EM products on a daily basis to make her face look more defined and bright.
    Of course, different products will be appropriate for highlighting/contouring for different skin tones. Here's a list of products to use based on your skin depth. This is for subtle face sculpting. If you'd prefer a more dramatic look, try choosing the shades a skin tone deeper than your own. EM User below is using tones for Light to Medium Skin.
    Medium to Dark Skin: Everyday Bronzer/ Natural Lucent Powder
    Artist Tip: Remember to Apply enough of the product to see an exaggerated application on the skin, then blend, blend, blend using a Kabuki brush.
    Step 1: Use the Angled Kabuki Brush and the Poised to Perfection Skin Tint and apply a tiny amount to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.
    Step 2: Use Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder to sculpt and accentuate your cheekbones, by lightly applying in a c-shape along the bone just below your eyes and outwards towards your temple.
    Step 3: Apply the Poised to Perfection Skin Tint to the hollows of your cheeks under the cheekbone.
    Step 4: Dust a light layer of the Finishing Dust along your cheekbones to set the look.
    Step 1: To create the illusion of a narrower bone structure on your nose, use the smaller end of the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply a thin line of Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder. For a more dramatic sculpt, add Poised to Perfection Skin Tint on the sides of the nose.
    Step 2: Use the Angled Kabuki Brush to blend.

    Step 1: Minimize the appearance of a wider forehead by using the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply a bit of Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder to the center of the forehead.

    Step 2: Apply Poised to Perfection Skin Tint on your temples and gradually blend outwards towards your hairline, moving upwards subtly along the upper forehead to create dimension.

    Step 3: Use Angled Kabuki Brush all over to blend.


    Step 1: Apply Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder under your chin and blend along the underneath of your jawbone.

    Step 2: Use the larger side of the Double Ended Angled Blush & Mineral Brush to apply Finishing Dust to the upper part of your jawbone, blending downwards along your neck.

    Step 3: You can also apply Lucent Powder to your collar bone to create a more sculpted look.

  • EM Eye Tutorial: Simple Smokey

    For a night out or even some daytime drama, try this easy smokey eye. Three simple steps will give you a sultry stare, with buildable intensity to suit anyone. Love all the shadows used in this tutorial? Get all the shades for $19 in the Poised and Polished Eye Kit. Want to see a more classic eye makeup tutorial? We've got that too.


    Step 1: Apply Come Hither Eye Liner with Even Eyeliner brush thickly onto your top lash line. Use the remainder to line the bottom of the lash line.

    Artist Tip: Uneven line? Don't worry. We are going to smudge it out anyway.


    Step 2: Apply Mrs. Coffee Eyeshadow with Eye Smudge brush over top of liner in an exaggerated line across the eye. Repeat step with bottom lash line. Again, don't worry if the line isn't perfectly straight. We will blend later.


    Step 3: Apply I Fancy You Eyeshadow all over the lid and into the crease with the Eye Blending brush. Blend together with darker shadows to look natural, so the darkest shades are closer to lash line, and they gradually fade to lighter at the top. Apply Electric Sanctuary Eyeshadow underneath the brow bone and into the tear duct to highlight.

    Artist tip: Want more drama? Layer the darker shades to achieve more intensity. Work darker shades into the crease for the most intense eye.



  • Put Your Best Feature First with an EM Classic Eye

    They're the window to the soul and the first feature noticed, and with EM's all new, limited edition eyeshadow colors, it's easy to enhance your standout eyes.

    With four new, limited edition shades (and more to come!) make your eyes pop using natural, earthy hues that complement the beauty that you were born with. They go on silky smooth and last all day, in perfectly matte shades that enhance without overdoing. And, for a limited time only, you can get all four new shades plus a brush to apply them in our Poised and Polished eye kit!

    Looking for a classic eye application that is perfect for everyday wear? Follow the steps below for a clean eye that pops without looking heavy.


    Step 1: Apply Electric Sanctuary Eye Shadow all over lid, into the tear duct and under brow bone with Dome Blending Eye Brush.

    Artist Tip: When applying eyeshadows, work the product into the brush and press onto eyelid. Avoid using a sweeping motion.


    Step 2: Apply either Joy Eyeshadow or I Fancy You (Used here) Eyeshadow all over lid and up into the crease using Everyday Eyeshadow Brush.

    Artist Tip: Re-dip the brush and work the color into your crease. This will give definition without looking heavy or requiring another color


    Step 3: Apply Come Hither Eyeliner along the top lash line using the Even Eyeliner Brush.

    Artist Tip: Keep your eye open and look down into a mirror to apply your eye liner. This will allow you to push the color directly into the lash line, making sure there is no gap between liner and lash. Wet brush before applying for a more dramatic line.


  • Poised and Polished Tutorial

    See your skin perfected, never made up. Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide to achieving a clean, fresh look. Like the eyeshadows used in the video? Our Poised and Polished kit has them all!

    Step 1: Apply your appropriate base shade (She is wearing Jojoba base in Bare) with Everyday Long Handled Kabuki Brush by first tapping onto the skin then blending using circular motions.

    Step 2: Using Everyday Eyeshadow Brush apply I Fancy You Eye Shadow to the entire lid. You could also use this as a primer.

    Step 3: Using Eye Blending Brush Apply Joy Eye Shadow to the outer corner of the lid and blend.

    Step 4: Using Even Eyeliner Brush apply a thin line of Come Hither Eyeliner from the center lash line outwards and work your way to the inner corner.

    Step 5: Using Everyday Dome Blending Brush apply Electric Sanctuary Eye Shadow to highlight the brow bone.

    Step 6: Using Everyday Dome Blush Brush apply That's So You Blush (Coming Soon) to the cheekbone in an upward circular motion.

    Step 7: Finish with Sweet Secret Tinted Lip Butter

    Artist Tip: Using the Everyday Tapered Sculpting Face Brush, use Finishing Dust to remove any fall out under the eye. You can also use this all over any areas that tend to get shiny throughout the day.

  • EM Newbies: Find your Perfect Mineral Shades and Formulas

    Looking for a flawless complexion the natural way? Follow the steps below to find your exact shades and formulas for a perfected look.

    To begin, choose the face that most closely matches your skin tone.


    Think you may be between shades? Don't sweat it. We'll show you how to swatch yourself using our free 7 Piece Sample Kit here.

  • Banish Redness in a Flash!

    Redness can be hard to control, especially in the winter months. Luckily, there are a few easy products that are simple to use that hide redness while still looking natural. Here are the best bets for keeping your flush where you want it.


    Mint Color Corrector: Definitely our most popular redness correcting product, it is a fan favorite for pros and beginners alike. Start with a clean face and apply all over, starting in the center of the face where you have the most redness, with the Kabuki Brush, or in hard to cover areas with the Oval Concealer Brush. Finish with the foundation of your choice to make it skin tone correct. Have a darker skin tone? Use Sage Carnauba Concealer instead.


    Sunlight Finishing Dust: Dust all over the face after foundation to set makeup and take away redness. It has a sheer coverage, so it will be a much more natural look. Skin will look bright and refreshed and any redness will be toned down.

  • Happy Holidays!

    No matter where you are, or what you are doing, we hope that your Holidays are full of happiness and warmth. And thank you all so much for being your beautiful selves! We couldn't do what we do without you and wouldn't want to anyway.


  • Musical Muse Vol. 2 with Lee K


    In the second installment of our Musical Muse campaign, we bring you Lee K, an infectious up-and-coming DJ. She's the second of three in this campaign, designed to nurture the creativity and talent of women artists everywhere. We hand-selected three female musicians with the goal of giving them the opportunity to create music that they've always dreamed of making. Learn more about the campaign here.

    GET THE KIT!!!
    bamboo brush kit

    Lee K, DJs in venues in Southern California and produced a tech-house club track called "Tunnel" for the initiative that landed her a record deal and will now be her debut release on Disco Pinata Music. We chose Lee K because female DJs are rare, and she has a very fun and unique sound. Her idea of beauty is simple and natural, just like ours. Plus her music just really, really makes you want to dance.

    Read on for an exclusive interview with Lee K, and enjoy!

    015-3_MASTERED-2412800061-O_RT_C1 copy

    1. Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the song?
    Mark and I went into the studio with an idea of where we wanted to go with the track, but basically let loose after that. We didn't set too many boundaries for the direction of the song.
    2. How would you describe your beauty style in relation to your music? Are there any themes you follow that help define your style?
    I would say a common theme in my style in general - whether in beauty, music, or anything else - is simple but bold.
    3. What is your favorite color palette right now and how do you use those colors with your look and with your art?
    As far as my makeup goes I usually keep it simple with earth tones and black liner. I guess this relates to my taste in music, as I'm very drawn towards dark, organic sounds.
    4. We are so thrilled to be collaborating with you in such a creative way, can you tell us future past or present someone that you’d love to collaborate with?
    Wehbba or Maetrik/Maceo Plex. Both producers have impeccable skills production-wise, and their style is right up my alley.
    5. We believe all women are artists by nature, and love to hear about personal achievements in a creative lifestyle, can you recall when you first realized that you were inspired to perform and create music?
    My mom is a musician, so I've been exposed to music since I can remember. I think my "aha" moment was when I saw a DJ live for the first time. I had been in love with electronic music for so long, but hadn't yet started going out to clubs or festivals. I had no idea there was this scene where people would come together on such a large scale and dance for hours. Experiencing that for the first time was surreal - It drove that seed that had already been planted years before even deeper.
    6. What are your favorite beauty products for when you are on the road or even during your performance?
    A strong, dark eyeliner and lightly tinted, hydrated lips.
    7. Do you have any helpful words or advice you can give to other women who want to further pursue the arts? 
    Figure out exactly what you want, and then apply yourself 110%. No one wants your dreams fulfilled as badly as you do. And don't give up when things get difficult, that just means things are about to get really freakin' amazing.
    Here's a link to her new single. Check it out and love her as much as we do.

  • Ingredient Spotlight: Bamboo Brushes

    Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 1.05.42 PM

    What we put into our products is very important to our way of life, and we know that it's important to you too. So we're giving you some insider info on our how our products are made, where and how we get our materials, and how we are working together to keep the Earth a green and healthy place. We'll call this series our ingredient spotlight, so you can know what you're getting and where it's coming from. This week, we're going to focus on bamboo, used to create our award-winning makeup brushes.

    Bamboo brushes are an effective way to provide a sustainable, inexpensive, quality product. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth. It is found in diverse climates that range from hot tropics to freezing mountains, and has an extremely versatile and short growing cycle. When the branches are cut, the underground system of the plant remains intact and the plant quickly sends up new shoots. Bamboo is harvested three to five times a year instead of the typical 20 to 50 years of its wood counterparts, making it completely sustainable!

    All of our ingredients are purchased from small-scale producing groups. Carina travels worldwide, personally visiting suppliers to trace the ingredients, meet the growers, and ensure care for the environment and fair working conditions and wages.

    photo Carina rescuing an injured blue heron.

    Everyday Minerals is completely cruelty free, and all of our suppliers take the pledge as well. Learn more about our no-testing policy here. That adorable blue heron pictured above is part of our Wildlife Rescue project.

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