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Finding your Undertones

Now that you've identified your skin tone based on depth, it's important to identify your undertone to find your perfect match. We know that this can be a daunting task, but we're here to help! Remember not to factor in superficial colors on top of the skin such as red patches due to dryness or rosacea.

First remove all color surrounding you. Wear white, wrap your hair up in a white towel and remove all jewelry. Put yourself in natural light, and place a white sheet of paper next to your cheek. What do you see? If you see more blue and pink you are a (R)osy undertone. If you see more yellow and green you are a (G)olden undertone. Hard to tell? Don't stress, you are probably (N)eutral.

If you need more help determining your color, try ordering our 7 piece sample kit!


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6 thoughts on “Finding your Undertones”

  • wafa

    i am accustomed to buying winged butter shade.... Which is it now??

    • em

      Hello Wafa,

      The 3W Golden Beige is quite similar to the Winged Butter. They are both for light to medium skin with yellow undertones. We also offer the 7 Piece Sample Kit so that you can try out a variety of base shades as well. Thank You!

  • Ashley

    I previously used Light matte; which is it now?

    • em

      Hello Ashley,

      Not all shades in the old formula are available in the new formula. But you may want to try shades like 0W, 1W, 2W, 3W and 4W to see if any of these shades is your perfect match. You can try the shades through our 7 Piece Sample Kit. Thank You!

  • Nicole

    If I have rosy undertones, should I buy a base with warm undertones to balance out the pink?

    • em

      Hello Nicole,

      No, you would have to use a base with rosy undertones to complement your skin tone. You can email us at so that we could assist you further in your base shade selection. Thank You!

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