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For us, we realize that ethically sourced, quality ingredients are the surefire way to guarantee effective products.

For example, we source all of our rich and exotic butters from Brazil! Three of our most utilized butter ingredients are Cupuacu Butter, Murumuru Butter, and Shea Butter - each one is super special and unique in its nurturing properties. Cupuacu Butter is soft, creamy and oh-so-moisturizing. The Cupuacu tree is native to the northern region of Brazil, and works wonders for a glowing and hydrating look. To make the butter, the pulp of the cupuacu tree is extracted and incorporated into a handful of our products.

Murumuru Butter comes from the Murumuru tree in Brazil, and offers skin-glistening results when used. Murumuru butter is a super emollient, and has a divine natural earthen aroma.

The radiant results that this ingredient gives your skin is one of the main reasons we heart it! Murumuru Butter provides intense hydration to skin and hair, and locks in moisture like magic. The butter is actually extracted from the seed of the plant, and has a light amber color that's just wonderful. This butter is also made up of a nurturing assortment of essential fatty acids (such as oleic acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid) and Vitamin A. It's anti-aging properties are super effective, and it helps to treat dry, cracked skin and lip care.

Shea Butter is made up of moisturizers that are the same as the ones our body naturally produces, in the sebaceous glands of our skin. What’s so great about sourcing these raw ingredients from Brazil is that Everyday Minerals has a personal connection with the Amazon. Carina’s relatives live in Brazil. We hope that due to the popularity of these ingredients, the people who live and work within these environments can continue to do so in a positive way that benefits both their community and the rainforest.

Raw plant-based oils are hugely beneficial in keeping skin youthful and fresh, and we go to great lengths to bring these wild harvested oils to you! The best ingredients always deliver the best performance.

We specialize in the simple! Typically, makeup and skincare lines are overloaded with too many or unzznecessary filler ingredients. Our focus is to make every product using 5-8 natural, plant and mineral based ingredients, using exotic ingredients sourced locally and from around the world, all while avoiding harsh chemicals.

Other ingredients that have become our hallmark are, Ultramarine Blue (we use this in our foundations, due to the fact that it softly mutes the base shades and gives them a cool, earthy tone), Manganese Violet (this vibrant hue comes from the earth and is just gorgeous when used to provide rich color to our eye colors), Chromium Oxide Green (the most drool-worthy shade of bright green that you've ever seen), Yellow / Red / Black Iron Oxide (we use iron oxides in all of our makeup products) and Mica (this is our cornerstone, as it provides a white pearl-like luster and is the main ingredient in all of our powders as it give off the most luminous, radiant appearance, and provides a beautiful natural shimmer to skin).