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Minerals. Natural. Supernatural.

Founded by Carina Menzies, Austin, Texas-based EM Skin Care Products finds natural ingredients to tailor for your skin. Featuring exciting and inspired details made from minerals, these one-of-a-kind products are healthy and can bring new life to your skin.


Lavender is one of the loveliest fragrances around, and Everyday Minerals utilizes the flower's essential oil in our lip products. We make use of locally grown lavender, as Austin is known for its lush lavender farms. While there are many types, we use the one with the sweetest aroma... Lavandula Dentata (French Lavender). Austin even has an annual Lavender Festivals, where revelers can take tours of local lavender farms and become enraptured with the seductive smell of the flowers.

Now when you can add an ingredient known as “tree of life” you know you are onto something special. Our crop of concealers have one very special ingredient: carnauba wax sourced directly from Brazil. We all know the temps in South America can swelter and when it does the carnauba tree's leaves give off a luxurious wax that keeps the delicate tree super-hydrated -- it's the trees way of conserving moisture!

Murumuru Butter (Astrocaryum Murumuru) is one of the superstar butter ingredients. Originating from the Murumuru palm tree that grows in Brazil, this rich butter is super emollient and has a natural, earthen aroma. The radiant results that this ingredient gives your skin is one of the main reasons we heart it! Murumuru Butter is an emollient, and has a lovely gloss texture that is outstanding for lip and hair care products. The butter is actually extracted from the seed of the plant, and has a light amber color that's just wonderful, and it’s fruits are editble! This butter is also made up of a vitamins, nurturing assortment of essential fatty acids (such as oleic acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid and myristic acid) and Vitamin A. It's also good for skin and lip care, as it melts on skin contact.

Botanical name: Cocos Nucifera. There's a reason why pure coconut water is so popular... it's richly hydrating properties are nearly unsurpassed! It's a miracle ingredient that is used for a huge number of things, from nutrition to the medicine industry to (you guessed it) skincare! The oil is made by being extracted from coconut meat, and can be done so in either a "wet" or "dry" method. Coconut oil goes a long way for helping dry skin become soft, and also has been proven to significantly lower protein loss in your locks! We love a multi-faceted ingredient here at Everyday Minerals, and coconut oil is one of those that's just as amazing to eat as it is to hydrate!

Capuacu Butter (Theobroma Grandiflorum) is a wild harvested superfruit and is sourced from the tropical rainforest tree in the Amazon Rainforest. It’s texture is buttery, creamy, and oh-so-moisturizing. Our skin drinks up its essential fatty acids like a tall glass of water, which is only appropriate since this type of natural butter has incredible water absorption properties and is a fantastic emollient. Native to the eastern sub-region region of the Brazilian Amazon, the sweet pulp is used as a food source to the locals. To make the butter, the pulp of the cupuacu tree is extracted and incorporated into many of our lip products.

The botanical name: Punica Granatum. As refreshing and delicious as enjoying the seeds from a fresh pomegranate, the oil from this superfruit is extremely nutritious and rich. Chock full of antioxidants, it might be shocking to hear that over 200 pounds of fresh pomegranates are used to create just 1 pound of oil. The primary essential acids in pomegranate oil are ellagic and punicic acid.

Castor Seed Oil (botanical name: Ricinus Communis). Is known as a bean plant and we use the oil from these wonderful seeds to hydrate several of our skincare products. With a multitude of uses, including medicinal and fashion - the dried seeds have been used over history in jewelry, to make exotic bracelets and necklaces! It’s an emulsion stabilizer for our lip products and is a conditioning carrier oil. This cold processed oil is high in ricinoleic acid, and is clear and ordorless. This vegetable oil is an ideal replacement for petroleum based ingredients.

We use the cold pressed golden type of Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis) since it is the most natural and pure. The oil from the jojoba plant is rich in natural emollients and super moisturizing, and is resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation which means that its hydration of the skin is unparalleled when compared to other oils. And, it's actually a plant wax! This special type of oil is fabulous because it is plant-sourced and completely renewable, meaning that we aren't straining any of the earth's resources when using Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil is full of tocopherols, which are commonly known as "free radical scavengers."

Corn Starch is traditionally native to Central America and is known botanically as a grain plant - Zea Mays, is used in our Finishing Dust and Sunlight Finishing Dust. The maize kernels of the plant are used as the starch. The Zea Mays that we use is GMO free and sourced within the USA. As I'm sure you know, corn is a hugely popular vegetable worldwide and can be eaten cooked or raw. In terms of its cosmetic use, Zea Mays provides a super silky finish and is highly absorbent making it a perfect match for our Finishing Powders.

The cornerstone of Everyday Minerals is mica! Providing a white pearl-like luster, it is the main ingredient in all of our powders and it’s the key ingredient that makes mineral makeup so revolutionary. It gives off the most luminous, dewey, radiant appearance, and provides a beautiful natural shimmer to skin.

This essential oil is extracted from orange peel with single cold pressing techniques and has a fresh, citrus uplifting aroma. The fruit of the peel is used in the process of making the essential oil. The botanical name is: Citrus Sinensis and is sourced from Italy. The aroma is of a sweet orange with a middle note, often used for aromatherapy.

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