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Concealers are used to enhance the natural radiance of the skin and reduce the appearance of red spots, dark circles, age spots, and other blemishes. Take a look at our all-natural, highly pigmented concealers below. Primers, foundations, and concealers may seem to serve a similar function, but these 3 items are far from interchangeable. Primer is applied to smooth over fine lines and visible pores, foundation is used to create a uniform skin tone, and a concealer or color corrector is designed to mask pigmentation. Concealers come in different forms: liquid, stick, and powder. Liquid concealer has a thicker consistency than foundation, which allows it to blend seamlessly into the skin. Stick concealer has a semi-solid texture and provides buildable coverage. Powder concealer, on the other hand, looks like face powder but is more pigmented. Concealers in powder form are an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin, as these often leave out ingredients that can cause breakouts. They also look more natural and last longer than liquid or stick concealer. Choose from a wide selection of quality concealers made from cruelty-free ingredients on Everyday Minerals. We offer 7-day ground shipping and 2-day shipping in the contiguous US. We also ship our products internationally, making it easy for our customers to access high-quality and all-natural skincare and cosmetic products wherever they are."

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