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Makeup Tutorial: Healthy Glow

Makeup Tutorial: Healthy Glow


This tutorial will demonstrate the techniques to achieve that healthy radiant glow using our Everyday Minerals Bronzer and Natural Lucent Face Powder.

    Everyday Bronzer &
    Natural Lucent Face Powder

  • Blender Face Brush & Tapered Sculpting

  • STEP 1

    Begin with choosing the right tool for your Bronzer. There are several Everyday Minerals face brushes that will work, however, the Tapered Sculpting Brush, will be used in this tutorialThis brush softly defines color to the contours of the face.
  • STEP 2

    Choose the right shade that looks best on your skin tone.  Our model, Stephanie, is wearing the Everyday Bronzer shade, which is our medium tan shade, for a sun kissed glow. Apply with the Tapered Sculpting Brush to the “hollows” of the cheek in a downward diagonal direction.  
  • STEP 3

    The Everyday Bronzer is also applied to the temples and forehead for a more radiant sun kissed glow.
  • STEP 4

    Next take the Blender Face Brush to sweep our Pearl Beige Lucent Face Powder to the high cheekbone area. This fluffy flat top shaped brush delicately applies brightening products like the Lucent Face Powders to the face. Tip: Gently stamp the product onto the high cheekbone with the brush for best results of application.
  • STEP 5

    When applying bronzer on the cheek, start at the hairline near the top of the ear, in case color is applied too strongly at initial application.  It will be easier to blend product at the hairline, where heavy color deposit can be easily softened to look unnoticeable.  Also, swirl and tap excess product onto the lid of the container for mess proof application.
  • STEP 6

    A healthy glow complexion is what every skin should look like! The Everyday Minerals Bronzer and Lucent Face Powder is the duo rock star to achieving that look!

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