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Makeup Tutorial: Natural Eye

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Eye


A matter eye look is an attainable, natural way to make a subtle yet stylish statement. This daytime eye look is perfect for a lazy Sunday or an afternoon in the countryside.

    Finishing Dust Powder
    A Wise Girl Kisses Eye Shadow
    Floating Feathers Eye Shadow

  • Oval Concealer Brush
    Everyday Eye Shadow Brush
    Dome Blending Brush 


  • STEP 1

    We're after a totally natural daytime eye look, one that brightens eyes without overwhelming them, in delightful shades of woodsy taupe and delicate ivory.
    Step 1: Start with prepping the eyelids with Finishing Dust Finishing Powder using the Oval Concealer Brush. This will help prevent eye shadow from fading or creasing throughout the day, especially if eyelids tend to get oily.
  • STEP 2

    Step 2: You'll need one light and one medium eye shadow for this look. We chose Floating Feathers and A Wise GIrl Kisses eyeshadows, which are swatched on the skin in the picture above. Their earthy tones provide the perfect balance.
  • STEP 3

    Step 3: Pat Floating Feathers eye shadow on the botom half lid using the Everyday Eye Shadow Brush.
  • STEP 4

    Step 4: Begin applying the darker shade of A Wise Girl Kisses, which is shown, using the Dome Blending Brush.
  • STEP 5

    Step 5: Lightly blend in the eye shadow to avoid harsh lines.
  • STEP 6

    Step 6: Your natural look is complete!

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