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    When you find yourself in Chicago with 24 hours to spare, what do you do? Well, I happen to have spent a little over 24hrs in Chicago this past month, and I have some things to recommend…
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  • How To Be A Tourist

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    I’ve done a lot of traveling this month. And when I say a lot of traveling, I mean Italy, London, Chicago, and Nicaragua…in 31 days. But my travel experiences go beyond that. I’ve been all over the world, experienced many places, and learned things about how I most like to enjoy a new city. I’ve decided to write down some of those lessons and share them with all of you today. I tell you this, so that you won’t waste your time and money — so that you can plan the best vacations and really get the most out of each place you visit. Here it goes, 5 tips on how to be a tourist…
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  • Rossi’s Look


    To begin Rossi’s fresh­faced look, we applied our light Pretty Things Eye Shadow using the Everyday Eye Shadow Brush to give her lid a nice base color.
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  • Following In Your Parent’s Footsteps

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    It takes us a long time to realize that our parents are people. They have pasts and experiences, and they too were young once. Life took them on adventures; there were lovers, friends, inner turmoil, and passions that moved them from one point to the next. It’s so easy to remain ignorant to these bits and pieces that make up who your parents are. If you never ask, you might not hear, and if you’ve never hear, you may never really know the people who raised you. I personally love hearing about my parents’ pasts. They lived so free; picked up and left, defied their parents, practiced yoga and spiritual arts. I see two people who made it a point to pave a path distinctly for themselves and not for anybody else. I envy their bravery, and at the same time, I identify with it.
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  • Creamy Lavender Body Wash

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    Making your own soap is surprisingly easy, and a very satisfying thing to do. I like making this blend and having it on hand anytime my skin feels like it needs some extra love. You can substitute any essential oil that you’d like, but I happen to like lavender for the soothing nature that it provides.
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  • DIY Vintage Bottle Lamp

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    Spring has brought with it an insatiable need to refresh. I’ve kicked it into high gear — rearranging, discarding, and filling in where needed. I finally decided that our “this will do for now” lamp had run its course. I wanted to come up with something tasteful and inexpensive to replace it with, so I looked amongst the materials I already had and found this great vintage bottle. A little google search revealed that Lowes sells DIY bottle lamp kits, and there I was, I was in business. A run to the store and 20 minutes later, I had a brand new lamp and a sigh of relief — my home was one step closer to the refresh I needed.

    If you’re in need of a new lamp, this DIY is a great idea for you too. I’m sure you have an old bottle on hand that could be made useful. So here you go, here’s how!
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    Our All Over Shimmers are wonderful soft focus complexion boosters that range from sheer luminosity shimmer to a golden sun-kissed glow. It can be worn over your usual foundation base, or all on it's own. Simply, it illuminates complexion instantly with a bit of shimmer and a tint of color without masking your skin. Skin is instantly brightened, radiant, and warm. Expect a nice, light feel on the skin, that's powdery in texture and leaves your complexion flawless.

    With just four shades to choose from, it is simple to find the right shade for you!
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  • 4 Lessons My Beauty Transformation Taught Me

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    Ever since I can remember, I’ve had long light brown hair. My look has always been that hippie flowy kind of thing. I strongly identified with it as something that made me me. I felt comfortable, and I thought that things would never change.
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    Hello All!

    I am excited to begin spreading the word of amazing organizations who are doing so much good for our planet.

    Please welcome my SUSTAINABLE SPOTLIGHT!

    First up, we have the incredible organization ADOPT AN ACRE. Just like it sounds, everyday folks can purchase plots of land and protect the world’s most important and imperiled natural places!

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    This week, I am shining my SUSTAINABLE SPOTLIGHT on the wonderful organization OPENLANDS!


    I am so excited at the chance to spread awareness of all of these great organizations, and today is no exception. What I love most about OPENLANDS is that they are so invested in our nation’s precious land! Their mission statement is to protect the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives.
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