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  • The Perfect Facial: How to Get Salon-Grade Results at Home

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    Those whose wallets can actually afford a monthly facial are few and far between. The average Jane, like you and me, guffaw at the thought of blowing $200 for one hour of TLC. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our skin. Like every other women on this planet, we enjoy the intimate experience of doting on our bodies. We want that glow, those clean invisible pores, just as much as the fortunate of upper echelon society.
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  • Must-Have Bamboo Brushes

    Must-Have Bamboo Brushes

    This post goes out to all of our new friends, the lovely ladies who have recently joined the EM family and are looking for a few key tips of where to start and the products that we feel are the most essential to get you up and running! Specifically focusing on our beautiful assortment of Bamboo Brushes, we wanted to provided a helpful guide to the brushes that are the most essential to start with.
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  • DIY Plant Hanger

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    You know those perfect homes, the ones decked in plants that you constantly see when scrolling your Pinterest feed? Yeah, I think we all know them. And I think we all sit there in envy of the luxurious plant hangers that seem to cost a fortune everywhere you look.

    A little secret? All it takes is a couple hours of channeling your inner childhood self, remembering those hemp necklace stitches you used to be so fond of, and putting them to use. It really is so simple.
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  • 4 Tips To Actively Slow Life Down

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    You’re in the thick of it, summer. The season when life is like a semi-truck, barreling down a hill at 90 miles an hour. The speed is all good and great, it’s thrilling in fact, but problems arise when there’s a deer crossing at the bottom of the hill and you have no way to avoid a crash. Not to mention, you’re going so fast that you miss the road signs telling when you need to turn or watch out for traffic ahead.

    That speed, aka summer, can easily create a life that is out of balance — a life that pushes you forward with such immense force that you need to actively remember how to slow down. It’s up to you to pump the breaks, and it’s important to do so. Slowing down to school-zone speeds will enable you to get more enjoyment out of the highway joy rides. It teaches you to find control and to know when you’re exiting the fun zone and entering into dangerous territory.

    Here are tips for finding actively slowing down, and taking time out. Now, more than ever, it’s important to teach yourself how to do so.

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    Walk, Bike, or Take Public Trans: I recently got rid of my car, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my piece of mind. Not only did it take away the extra stress of money, but it created space in my life. I find that I’m walking more, riding my bike more, and taking public transportation. The empty time to think, read, and listen to music does wonders for my brain. It clears my head like a meditation, and allows me to unwind from my day (or settle in before my day starts). It’s also forced me to do less and to prioritize. Because I can’t zip here and there, I have to think about what I really want to get done. I do less running around like a crazy person, and more intentional activity. If you’re in need of a slow down, I urge to go even one day without using the car. Every little bit counts.

    Cook: Making time at the end of the day to cook a meal and share it with the ones you love, is a great way to take time. The beautiful thing about food, is that it can’t be rushed. Watch it cook, smell the aromas, and taste test it along the way. Evenings spent unwinding in the kitchen are a great way to clear your mind, and to get you back to a well-grounded place in life.

    Wake Up 20 Minutes Earlier: Rushed mornings are sure to make you feel out of control. It’s not a good way to start the day. Do yourself a favor, and wake up just twenty minutes earlier than you usually do. Take the extra time to read in bed, sip coffee, or simply stare off into space. The slow start to your day will make getting to work that much easier. You’ll find you feel more ready to take on whatever comes your way. Craziness or not, you have the balanced mindset to tackle anything.

    Treat Yourself: Once in a while, you need to drop it all, and focus on you. Book a massage, stop in for a pedicure — or if you can’t spend the money — create an at home treatment. Whatever you do, it’s important to give back to your body and thank it for all of the brutal stress that you put it through. If you want it to perform when the going gets tough, you have to give it the TLC it deserves.

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    And there you have it, four tips to actively slow down. I hope you’ve found some tools that help you feel more balanced and in control. Life is really beautiful, we need the fast moments and the slow ones, it’s just important to remember how to create a bit of both.

    What tips do you have for slowing down?

    This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her blog here for more posts like these!

  • Refreshing Ginger Chamomile Ice Cubes

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    Hello summer! July is officially here, and with it, the time for outdoor picnics, beach days, and backyard entertaining. It gets hot, for sure, and we’re always looking for the next best way to cool off. That’s where ice cubes come in, but we’re not talking about just any ice cubes. We’re talking about ginger chamomile ice cubes. These babies are the easiest thing to whip up, and they’re a big crowd pleaser. Throw them into a cocktail, iced tea, or a smoothie and you won’t regret it. Here’s how to make them!
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    When you find yourself in Chicago with 24 hours to spare, what do you do? Well, I happen to have spent a little over 24hrs in Chicago this past month, and I have some things to recommend…
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  • How To Be A Tourist

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    I’ve done a lot of traveling this month. And when I say a lot of traveling, I mean Italy, London, Chicago, and Nicaragua…in 31 days. But my travel experiences go beyond that. I’ve been all over the world, experienced many places, and learned things about how I most like to enjoy a new city. I’ve decided to write down some of those lessons and share them with all of you today. I tell you this, so that you won’t waste your time and money — so that you can plan the best vacations and really get the most out of each place you visit. Here it goes, 5 tips on how to be a tourist…
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  • Rossi’s Look


    To begin Rossi’s fresh­faced look, we applied our light Pretty Things Eye Shadow using the Everyday Eye Shadow Brush to give her lid a nice base color.
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  • Following In Your Parent’s Footsteps

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    It takes us a long time to realize that our parents are people. They have pasts and experiences, and they too were young once. Life took them on adventures; there were lovers, friends, inner turmoil, and passions that moved them from one point to the next. It’s so easy to remain ignorant to these bits and pieces that make up who your parents are. If you never ask, you might not hear, and if you’ve never hear, you may never really know the people who raised you. I personally love hearing about my parents’ pasts. They lived so free; picked up and left, defied their parents, practiced yoga and spiritual arts. I see two people who made it a point to pave a path distinctly for themselves and not for anybody else. I envy their bravery, and at the same time, I identify with it.
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  • Creamy Lavender Body Wash

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    Making your own soap is surprisingly easy, and a very satisfying thing to do. I like making this blend and having it on hand anytime my skin feels like it needs some extra love. You can substitute any essential oil that you’d like, but I happen to like lavender for the soothing nature that it provides.
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