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Monthly Archives: October 2015

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    A few years ago, it was Austin. Now, I beg to say that Nashville is America’s next up-and-coming city. They say that over 1,000 new residents are moving to Nashville every week. And the energy there is a apparent. Everywhere you look, hip shops & restaurants are popping up amidst warehouses and off-the-beaten-path locations. Trendy little neighborhoods lay tucked away in the city’s various pockets.

    Unlike more established metropolises, you will need a car to get around. Public transportation is — for lack of a better word — non-existent. Let’s just liken Nashville to a big sprawling suburb, injected with businesses and restaurants that possess the coolness of a big city.

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    We're excited to announce that the latest fruits of our labor are here! We've spent hours meticulously hand-crafting our latest range of primer shades, which can beautifully accentuate your makeup look with just a few easy steps.
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