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Monthly Archives: March 2018


    Peach Primer
    Hint All Over Shimmer
    Polished All Over Shimmer
    Major Pink Luminous Blush
    Gimmee a Kissimmee Bronzer
    Fresh, Glowing Velvet Eye Shadow
    Today’s #MOOD Velvet Eye Shadow
    Comfort Zone Velvet Eye Shadow
    Inspire Tinted Lip Balm
    Blender Face Brush
    Flat Top Brush
    Eye Blending Brush
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  • Q&A With EM:

    Tell us a bit about you!

    Hi! I am 28 years young, skincare addict, actress, model, You-tuber, holistic nutritionist and self-taught chef.

    What motivates you to stick with your passions in a life that seems to be full of distractions?

    My family and husband are the things that keep me the most motivated. Also making lists help keep me organized and streamlined in my busy everyday schedule. My agenda is also a handy tool to keep track of meetings, photo shoots and errands. Without all of this I would be lost! Read more

  • Q&A With EM:

    Tell us a bit about you!

    Hiii I’m Madi, I’m a 21 year old living in Austin Texas. I’m studying interior design which is so fun and inspiring I absolutely love in! I also have a hugee passion for fashion and modeling. I just love how clothes can completely transform you depending on the style. Also modeling has helped me with my confidence so much! Read more

  • The business trip is on! Long, potentially exhausting days. Long, lonely nights in hotel rooms that as hard as they try, sadly don’t feel like home. Okay, so, here are a few tips on how to make the best of your “work only” or “strictly business” trip. Read more

  • Tell us a bit about yourself!

    I'm Janai, but I go by Jana. I'm a Mexican fashion and landscape photographer living in Texas with my dog and husband.

    Where do you take inspiration from while gathering ideas for your photoshoots?

    I find my inspiration in colors. Color is the first thing I think about when I am conceptualizing a photo shoot. Then I think about the feeling I want my photos to emulate. Other sources of inspiration are French films from the 60s, architecture, and music. Read more

  • Tell us about YOU! What do you love most about where you're from?

    I’m not originally from Austin TX, but it is by far the best place I’ve lived. It has an amazing community of creative people who are so open! Everyone in this town is so ready to let people in and share their art. The photography community is crazy talented, it makes me work hard to be better everyday. I’ve made so many great friends in the year I have lived here. Also the FOOD! Being vegan has never been easier! I can name multiple places I can find vegan queso! That’s heaven on earth. Read more

  • Visiting our CHEEK array may leave you wondering a bit, Matte or Luminous? Which is best? For everyone, one will certainly dominate the other. Can this be predetermined? Read more

  • Q&A With EM:

    Tell us a little about you!

    I’m a 23 year old model/influencer and I love to travel. Art is my passion.

    Where do you envision yourself five years from now?

    Hopefully owning my own business and making a positive impact on the world. Read more