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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Hello all,

    Long time since I’ve made an appearance here! As it is summer I have a special (and essential!) product that I’d like to share with you. Read more

  • Makeup is like a collection of candies, except, ours are actually good for you. So, eat up. With an oh-so-good variation of colors and individual uses (or fruity flavors, like the naturally yummy recipe in our Tinted Lip Balms) to satisfy an area needing attention, it’s kind of too good to resist. Read more

  • As one being of singleness for a rather longish period of time, I've been granted the - let's just call it - gift of lonesomeness. That may sound a bit harsh, even unattractive perhaps, because, after all, isn't the goal to be the chick that has the strong man to travel around the globe with, make hard decisions in unison, lean on in tricky periods of life?! Read more