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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • Who are you?! Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Hi! My name is Giorgia and I live in the north side of Italy, near Verona (Romeo & Juliet’s city) on the shores of Lake Garda. First of all I’m a nemophilist, I love to be connected with nature, plants and animals; woods and mountains are my happy place. I’m a mom of a beautiful 2 years old girl, she’s a little explorer and animal lover too. I’m a hotel receptionist and I’m always in touch with different languages and cultures. At last but not at least I’m a traveller, I love to explore new places and discover the many faces of countries under every aspect: art, lifestyle, food and nature obviously! My other passions are: rock music, cooking, photography and makeup, of course. Read more

  • A lot of us try real hard our first day at work to look good. We try to look better than everyone else, actually. More often than not, this sucks up a lot of our time. Ughhh precious time. So what is the key to preventing this? Restricting yourself to a limited set time is the best way to cutting down time wasted. Sure it takes some of us longer to complete a look than others, but if we set a timer there is no doubt that we will avoid lollygagging. Knowing the products in which you will be using beforehand also saves time deciding when you really need to just get them on and actually look good rather than rushed and sloppy (ever have those days, anyone?). Fewer products for mornings on a tight schedule may sound right and an easy fix, but if you get yourself to be disciplined enough, then your only concern is time management with your usual amount of products. Simple looks can be accomplished in little time, and keep you looking amazing all day too. Read more