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Monthly Archives: August 2018

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    You’re in the thick of it, summer. The season when life is like a semi-truck, barreling down a hill at 90 miles an hour. The speed is all good and great, it’s thrilling in fact, but problems arise when there’s a deer crossing at the bottom of the hill and you have no way to avoid a crash. Not to mention, you’re going so fast that you miss the road signs telling when you need to turn or watch out for traffic ahead.

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  • Who are you?! What do you do?

    I’m Sophie! I'm a food blogger and health enthusiast from the Cotswolds. I also recently qualified as a nutritionist & diet coach (AfN) which I’m super excited about! I am very passionate about living a healthy, plant-based & cruelty free lifestyle and try to share this with my followers through my blog and social media accounts! Currently I am working as a digital media executive for an awesome vegan company!

    Why do you think it’s so important to live in the now, and to not wait passively?

    Life is so precious! It can pass us by so quickly which is why we must make everyday count. If you wait for your life to start - you will be waiting forever. Be PROACTIVE and take charge of what you want in life! Read more

  • Who are you?!? Tell us a little about yourself.

    My name is Chloe Jiang (aka @Chloeinabubble) and I’m a full-time banker/fashion influencer. Born and raised in China, currently live in Sydney with my family.

    What do you love most about where you're from?

    Absolutely the coffee and the food! Sydney is a diversified, multi-culture city where you can find authentic exotic food from anywhere. And the passion about coffee that Australians have is unbeatable. Read more

  • Who are youuu?! Tell us a bit about yourself girly.

    Hi there! My name is Ana Richie! I’m 20 years young and I am very much a creative. I love to express myself through fashion but I also love create jewelry and write as well. This year has pretty much been about finding my purpose!

    Who are what constantly inspires you?

    The past inspires me to do better in the future. My ancestors and family history is soooo important to me. I always take away a lot from the stories and photos that have been passed down to me. I allow myself to reflect on my personal past and make sure I do better. Read more