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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • Hey love, tell everyone a bit about you.

    I am a curious creator to infinity and beyond. I appreciate living as a new born in each moment with an observational perspective of life. There are “3 C’s” I embrace and thrive on, these are consciousness, compassion and connection with all the universe. I am fascinated by, a student in, and teacher of energy work, breath work, meditation, a zen mind, alternative medicine, holographic kinetics and visionary art that shares how boundless we are. Read more

  • With invites and RSVP's in full swing, our makeup routine seems to carry extra steps and with it more time spent in the bathroom getting ready - it's holiday season. Every good makeup artist knows to keep a full-face "on" for long hours - through hugs, glasses of wine by the fireplace, laughs, and tears of reuniting joy - a quality powder is the answer. Primer is a MUST, but even less are aware of the other "powder" we know is a necessity to every advent attenders purse. The Finishing Dust. A light dusting of this weightless miracle not only assists with setting your makeup, but also gives somewhat of a filler to fine lines and aids a smooth complexion. And, as the days events wear on, it works in your favor to fight that pesky shine due to an abundance of oil production in the skin, keeping your look as fresh as you arrived. Read more

  • Hi! Give us a little intro to your rad self.

    Hey! Thanks for calling me rad. I’m just lil ol me, a girl from a small town in Texas outside of Houston, now living her best life in sunny Los Angeles. I am Marketing Manager by day, but I have many side projects to keep me busy outside of my professional work. My main areas of focus as of late are fitness, nutrition, vintage clothing, streetwear fashion, iPhone photography, fine jewelry, and skincare. Read more

  • Hey there! Tell everyone a bit about you.

    Hey hey hey! I’m a married, 23 year old, ethical vegan living in Austin, Texas. I run the social media pages of the company I work for, and I model for and collaborate with photographers as a creative outlet. I have a passion for nature and experiencing new places, but my favorite thing to do is lay in bed with my husband and two cats, have a Harry Potter marathon, and eat all the snacks.

    What got you hooked on veganism?

    Read more

  • Simply said… give us your empty jars and we will give you a free FULL-SIZE blush of your choice!
    As purveyors of positive change, and lasting love and care for our home, the insane Earth, we feel responsible for taking a conscious perspective in what we do. We came up long ago with a pretty cool and eco-friendly idea for you - our amazing and loyal customers! Read more