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Monthly Archives: November 2019

  • Hey love! Tell us a bit about you.

    Hi! I’m Jojo, currently experiencing a chapter of my life that I can only describe as something I manifested in my dreams. Three months ago I took a leap of faith, listened to my heart, and decided to no longer live with a fear based mentality. So I quit my standard 9-5 job, packed up my things, and left my studio apartment on the beach in Venice, California to live on the road in a van with the love of my life and our dog. I couldn’t watch another day go by where I was daydreaming about so much more! Taking this risk was the best decision I ever made. Read more

  • Hi! Give us a little sneak peak into Chelsea’s world.

    Hi! I’m Chelsea Debo (sometimes I go by Chebo) I am an actress, yoga teacher and natural skincare enthusiast currently living in LA. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and moved to LA when I was 18, then moved to Ireland for 2 years when I was 23, then at 25 went to India and now I’m back in LA! My life has been nuts and I enjoy the journey! I’m a water baby who loves to think on her feet and keep it movin'. Read more