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Monthly Archives: December 2019

  • Hey gal! Give us a little intro about you.

    My name is Nazy Farnoosh and I was born and raised in Los Angeles! I started blogging in 2014 and have truly loved building my blog throughout these years.

    Skincare is HUGE for you. When did this obsession start?

    My love for skincare stems from my mother being an esthetician! She always spoke about skincare, the rights and wrongs, the importance of clean products, and maintenance for your skin to keep your skin glowing as we age. Read more

  • Finding gifts for EVERYONE can be tricky at times. We usually stress over whether or not our gift of choice will be worthy, or even appreciated. Well, it's time to tune your mind instead to giving, with the knowledge that whatever you choose will be worth something because of the thought that comes with it. Choosing a memorable gift should be fun! And, here at EM, super affordable without removing a trace of luxury.
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