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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  • How did you get into sustainable fashion?

    Sustainable fashion has kind of always been a part of my life naturally. I remember my first backpack being from a second-hand shop, it was kelly green and it said Panama on it, I would love to find that bag again! I also started my fashion career working at American Apparel, at the time the company produced sustainably in the U.S. and was vertically integrated so I got to learn about the entire production process working there. By the time PASSPORT was started I had already been in the sustainable fashion industry for over seven years so to build a business in this space was a no-brainer. Read more

  • Loving yourself first is the most important decision you can make this Valentine's Day. Whether the day's plans consist of dressing up for an extra special date with the love of your life, a long-awaited evening out on the town with your closest girlfriends or a mellow night in with a pre-ordered box of chocolates & Sleepless In Seattle on Netflix...remember, the day begins with a little love and appreciation to YOU. Feel loved by you. Look good for you. In our book, Valentine's Day is a reminder of how beautiful you are, and all that brings you joy. Read more