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Monthly Archives: March 2020

  • It's so easy to forget to care for ourselves when we most need it. Even the tiniest gestures of self-love can make a meaningful impact on our mind & body, everyday. We're sharing our favorite ways to relax with Brooklyn-based clean skincare brand, Even Keel. Here are a few essential products that you can hopefully incorporate into your morning or evening routine, & see a difference in your mental and physical state of calm.

    #1 Even Keel Candles

    There's nothing quite like a calming bath in the evening with the lights down low, your favorite evening playlist softly playing in the background, and a non-toxic candle giving a unique aroma into the room... Read more

  • Hello love! Tell us a little about you.

    Hi! My name is Joëlle Paquette and a Montreal-based fashion and beauty journalist and founder of VERY JOËLLE, which is a blog dedicated to conscious fashion and clean beauty. My story is a bit unusual, which, ironically, has become quite common amongst my generation.
    Read more

  • Knowing your skin's unique needs is vital, especially in this modern era of self-care. Here's a guide to our 100% clean serums we know offer from iconic beauty pioneer Acure.

    Serum #1 Acure’s Radically Rejuvinating Rose Serum Stick

    Are you over dull skin? Well we have news, this solid serum stick by Acure is game-changing. With its' solid stick formula, this serum is so easy to apply, and contains the nourishing blend of Marula, Rose and Avocado oils for your ultimate skin rejuvenation.

    Serum #2 Acure’s Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Solid Serum 3 In 1

    Three major everyday uses from this one - spot treatment, hydration and cleansing balm, all in one. This solid serum stick contains Blue Tansy and Black Currant as its key ingredients, along with Shea Butter to help relieve chapped skin. Read more

  • Let’s face it, we all crave a healthy, radiant glow in our complexion. We’re often taught that to achieve the appearance of incredibly dewy skin, we need to AT LEAST double the amount of product we put on our skin. Well, we’ve got news - you don’t need to wear a thick “mask” of product on your face to get this inner glow. We’re going to show you another route… Read more

  • Okayyy… Spring is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Here at EM, seasonal changes mean taking a look at our personal regimens, and checking ourselves to make sure we are caring for ourselves first and foremost, before sharing ANYTHING with our fans. Spring is a season of new growth, as well as fresh beginnings. Today’s feature is on hair. Our hair. Your hair. Everyone’s hair. Out with the dull, and in with the refreshed, energized new!


    It’s so important to care for your scalp, especially coming out of winter. Perhaps you’ve stayed in a more tropical region or don’t have the sensitive skin most of us seem to, if so, lucky you! For those of us with normal, not-super-hyped-on-the-winter-dryness, skin, well - this is a scalp-saver! Literally. Acure’s Argan & Coconut Shampoo Bar is incredibly moisturizing with its’ award-worthy ingredients spotlight and detoxifying goji berry fruit extract. This is a MUST for getting scalp back on the right track! Read more

  • Hello there!! Give us a little intro about you.

    Hi hello! My name is Richelle, and I'm a style blogger from Toronto. I've been blogging in some capacity since I was in middle school, and love sharing my interests and ideas with others! I studied fashion in college, and I'm currently pursuing a degree in digital communications, so I'm hoping to tie my two passions together in my career. I'm also a self-professed Francophile, and a slight caffeine addict, so you can definitely see that about me on my Instagram! Read more

  • It’s getting warmer, how will you change up your skincare routine?

    We love celebrating the beginning of a fresh season, especially when it means vibrant new life in our gardens, our state of mind, and even our routines. As we say our final goodbye to winter, let’s look back at this past season and honor everything we experienced within it, bringing us to yet another season.

    Here’s to eliminating anything toxic (people and products) and inviting the new, fresh and clean. Let's collectively create new goals, and invite new beginnings this spring.

    Here are our top picks for spring skincare products that are sure to add extra freshness to your complexion this season.

    Jeffrey James' The Serum

    The Serum by Jeffrey James is a cult-favorite skin treatment for deep hydration and healthier skin. Hello bright, dewy skin! Crafted from the powerful while gentle balance of hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C and E. If you're looking to give your skin some extra TLC, then The Serum is your ideal choice. Read more

  • Are you new to EM or mineral makeup in general? Unsure where to begin? Foundation application, basics 101. Applying mineral makeup is way easier than you may suspect. I’m going to equip you with simple, but effective steps to begin or improve your everyday, simple makeup routine!

    I recommend using the Ultimate Buffing Brush, Artisan Kabuki Brush, or my favorite, the Ultimate Flat Top Brush. These are three must-have brushes when using mineral makeup. With the base of your brush, tap the jar of your foundation-of-choice into its lid and whirl the bristles of your brush into the minerals. Starting at the hairline, sweep the brush across your face in circular motions. Read more