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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  • Hello love! Tell us a little about yourself.

    Hey there! My name is Esther Lee and I go back and forth between Seattle and Los Angeles. I'm a visionary and like to bring my own perception of people, things, and places together to bring emotion and beauty into reality. I capture products and make them into a visual story for marketing as my job.

    When did your creative passion for photography begin for you?

    I’ve always had a passion for art but discovered a new interest in photography during college. My dad used to collect photographs when I was younger so it was very nostalgic for me. Photography was a creative way for me to express my emotions. I enjoyed collecting images of life events and my hobbies. I developed my personal style after 2 years and realized I wanted to bring joy out of photos in a minimal way. Read more

  • Hello love! Tell us a bit about your story.

    Hi! My name is Sofia and I run a skin- and acne positivity page on Instagram. I am 25 years old and I currently live in Gothenburg, Sweden. I created my page when I was due to start an oral prescribed medication to treat my severe persistent acne. I have dealt adult acne back and forth in various degrees of severity from my early 20's. But it wasn't until I decided to start my page that I felt like my skin condition affected my quality of life in a really debilitating way. Starting my page in 2018 was really an act out of sheer desperation, by that point my acne affected my mental, social and physical wellbeing in such a negative way that I felt like I needed an outlet to cope. Of course, one purpose of the page was to document my process with the medication by taking pictures of my skin and keeping track of various side effects. But more importantly my page was a way for me to connect with people online that, much like me, had dealt with the difficulties that follows living with a visible skin condition. Read more

  • Everyday Minerals is proud to be carrying Erbaviva's product line for babies, mom-to-be and mommies. What we love about this collaboration is the dedication that Erbaviva put through the years to craft the healthiest and purest organic skin care products.

    Most products from their catalogue are certified USDA organic. With ingredients graded highly for their purest form.

    We’re very excited to bring in truly healthy products that pride for their delightfully unique profiles. From lip care to belly essentials for pregnancy, our collaboration with Erbaviva carries a line of equally effective and synergistic products that you and your baby will absolutely love.

    Our heartfelt gratitude for Erbaviva commitment to sustainability and holistic farming.
    Erbaviva Products available at Everyday Minerals:

    Enjoy the botanical benefits of Erbaviva, now in a hand sanitizer.

    lavender eucalyptus hand sanitizer

    Give your hands some extra love with the luxuriously soft feel of Erbaviva Hand Cream. Light and supple feel, you’re going to love its light scent. Contains natural antioxidants from organic guggul. With shea butter to hydrate and nourish your skin. Perfect for all skin types.

    erbaviva hand cream

    Protect your skin all the time. Erbaviva Sunscreen has you covered. Contains non-nano zinc oxide, aloe, sunflower, jojoba oils infused with organic essential oils from chamomile and lavender for that gentle care even in the harshest of weather. Full spectrum UVA & UVB protection. Read more

  • What Is Hurraw! Lip Balm?
    These lip-loving treats are created with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients - like Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Cacao Seed Butter, Olive Fruit Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. And what about the color in the tinted balms? Natural cold-pressed plant oils. Their motto? "Let's put the concept ahead of the profit, the user ahead of the maker, the collective ahead of the individual."

    Meet the balms themselves...

    Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm
    A lip balm of its own rights. The Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm will remind you of the east side orchards of Montana's Flathead Lake. Tasty and healthy, for a smooth nourishment for all seasons. Comes in gorgeous deep red-toned sheer tint.

    Chocolate Tinted Lip Balm
    I don't like chocolate, said no one ever. We love the unsweetened chocolate mix in Hurraw! Chocolate Lip Balm. Hurraw! added some coco oil and jojoba seed oil in this tasty healthy lip treat. The kind of lip balm that you can’t live without. Take this with you for that all-day moisture.

    Earl Grey Tinted Lip Balm
    Love the tea that the Brits so raved about? HURRAW! turns that goodness into this lovely Earl Grey Lip Balm. They've added the uplifting scent of Italian Bergamot oranges so your lips feels light and good. Plus some green tea and chai spice which makes this lip balm a delicious treat. If you need a serious dose of yumminess and moisture -- this is it. Read more

  • Hello Love! Tell us a bit about you & your story.

    I am a manifestation coach, art therapist, certified yoga instructor and co-founder of the lifestyle + wellness platform How You Glow. I have dedicated much of my life to the study and practice of alternative healing, and now focus my time on helping others enrich their lives through an array of therapeutic mediums and coaching. I am mama to a fun loving, adorable almost three year old named Amelie and married to the man of my dreams, Brian. We live in Southern California, are obsessed with nature, food, travel, music, adventure, yoga, and the ocean.

    Give us a little insight into your vision with the incredible 'How You Glow’.

    How You Glow is a lifestyle resource for conscious, health-driven individuals seeking inspiration, nourishment, tips, tricks, and solutions on how to get the GLOW. We give readers access to health trends, inspiring stories, product/restaurant/fitness reviews, travel guides, playlists monthly emails, and inventive nourishment. But most importantly, we empower our readers to live delicious lives that make them light up from within. Read more

  • Hello love! Tell us a bit about you.

    Hi, my name is Patricia and I live in London, UK. I work deep in the tech industry and at
    the same time I’m finishing my Master’s in Global Finance. Although, both sound
    very technical and geeky (haha) I still enjoy and find it very stimulating creating graphic
    designs and landing websites for small businesses. Although, it seems like that these two (finances and design)
    don’t have much in common, doing both is actually very interesting and often spark ideas that I wouldn’t
    otherwise think of. Read more