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Monthly Archives: November 2020

  • At times I feel tempted to simply give an e-giftcard or open invitation to my friends to choose what they would like when the special occasion comes around, but then I remember how fun it is to receive a surprise. I love seeing my friends faces light up when they see what I've picked out especially for them, it's a moment I'll cherish forever. With the holidays here alas, I've brought on a few new brands that share our same values and ultimately know how to craft products that will appeal to everyone, many of which are beautifully packaged and budget-friendly for the holidays.

    Recently, I’ve stumbled across SopranoLabs, with their lovely handcrafted soaps and clean aromatic perfumes. These are some of my favorites from them…

    This handcrafted vegan soap is blended with 100% organic vegetable and essential oils, shea butter, prickly pear powder extract, and pink french kaolin clay. They are all small batch.

    This oil is the new retinol, with soothing Rose Damask + Olive Squalane + Pomegranate Sterols + Ayurvedic botanical extracts to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, skin spots and uneven texture. It's the perfect oil for all skin types.

    This vegan Perfume Oil is a floral green fragrance that I love. It gives a sense of warm spring and delicate floral notes of the treasured English flower, Lily Of the Valley. Top notes of: citruses, lily-of-the-valley. Middle notes: rose, jasmine. Base notes: violet, green leaf, musk. Main accords: floral, green, soapy, rose, citrus.

    Another brand on my radar just in time for the holidays is Lucy B’s Hydra Bloom - also female-owned and uniquely inspired by nature. These are a few of my favorites, which I can’t wait to give as stocking stuffers this year… Read more

  • Aren’t men always the trickiest to shop for? When it comes around to the holiday season especially, I feel a bit hesitant with choosing what to gift. After all, we all want to give a gift that won’t just be set aside to collect dust! I’ve found the best pieces to be unique, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and then sharing smaller, more affordable but ultra useful gifts he can use day-to-day to be the best.

    Yes, giving the gift of body wash may sound a little silly - but it makes a great stocking stuffer! And I’m telling you, he’ll appreciate something he can use in his daily routine. This wash has a great uplifting scent from real organic essential oils of geranium and peppermint, which I love, and the quality of this wash shows in the ingredients. It’s even gentle enough for men with sensitive skin.

    Who said men can’t enjoy a healing bath too?!! This "super soak" formula is actually created for the ultimate healing bath. It's thoughtfully crafted with soothing ingredients like purifying sea salt, organic mustard, and organic eucalyptus essential oils. Perfect for his long day after the office! All-organic, & no harmful chemicals added that you would see in most bath products. Read more

  • In all honesty, it’s hard to maintain our skin in a healthy state 24/7. Let alone resembling a glowing angel. There are many factors that can play into one’s appearance. A photograph in a magazine may feature someone with clearly beautiful, radiant skin, but the truth of the matter is that there is much more going behind the scenes. Aside from photoshop tweaking & editing, there is diet and disciplined movement (getting that sweat on!) that play a role in one’s complexion. Now, there are some that just have crazy genes, and can eat whatever they want without having to worry over a blemish, or dullness, but that is less common and let’s not dwell on that or get jealous!

    These are my current must-haves for your best glowing skin yet, this season...

    Even with the chillier weather among us now, I’m staying consistent with my smoothies and juices, everyday. Keeping with a diet that’s high in dark leafy greens and glow-inducing fruit is major. Another beverage I like to drink and have seen benefits with is matcha. Yes, this antioxidant-rich tea is so yummy in the mornings with almond milk & agave nectar. I’ve been drinking this unique blend by The Glow Chefs, which besides matcha (the finest), consists of reishi mushroom, lion's mane mushroom, Ashwagandha Root and more healing ingredients.

    Now to true topical skincare products, this serum is incredible for exfoliation. You can feel it at work as it tingles, sinking into the skin immediately after it’s applied. I use this about 2-3x a week, cutting back to about once a week as the chillier air picks up and increases potential for dryness on my skin. Read more