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Monthly Archives: December 2020


    One of my goals this year is to make bath time a MUST at least 3x a week! It’s not enough to find time month to month occasionally to soak. Salt baths have been proven to calm the nervous system and when you have a million things on your mind everyday, it’s important to keep your stress in check. Klei’s Soothe Lavender Bath Salt is amazing for true relaxing vibes. We’ve all heard of the effect lavender can have on the body, and it’s 100% true.


    One of my favorite ‘treats’ is, come on now - chocolate!! But not just any ole bar of chocolate. I love high quality, organic, & non-dairy chocolate. Even better when it has added nutrients, like nuts or fruit. Compartes Chocolates are handcrafted in small batches in my second favorite city, LA. We offer four of their yummy chocolate bars, each with special benefits; healing, beauty, superfood, energy. I never feel bad treating myself to a high quality chocolate treat! Read more

  • We’re all feeling the holidays in full swing, and consequently a new wave of excitement, perhaps even feelings of being overwhelmed at times. It’s understandable during these chaotic times. Although we can be easily swept into into the constant rush of everything at once, it’s important to take a step back and breathe. Let go of everything that’s interfering with a fully productive and sound mind. These are my top MUSTS when it comes to pressing the reset button.


    I’ll be honest, this isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it feels SO GOOD once you’ve done it. I like to do dark leafy greens, celery, beet & carrot juice.


    No longer do I rely on coffee as my morning stimulant. Matcha is my brain “treat” of choice, with its’ high amount of antioxidants and healing benefits. This one by The Glow Flow Chefs is all organic, and mildly sweetened with stevia. I like to drizzle a bit of agave syrup and dash of pumpkin spice for the holidays.


    That’s right - disconnect. It’s true we all rely so much on our phones, and computers, but try to set aside a time during the morning/evening/afternoon, a span of several hours if possible, to not be browsing the internet or scrolling social media. Turn off your notifications for these apps, minus the absolute necessary. Give this a go for a week, and watch as every day becomes a little easier, and overall, you feel a whole lot better and present. Read more


    This is a big one, and I’m sure we can universally agree that it’s NOT EASY. Something I’ve been doing consistently for a few weeks is turn my phone on Do Not Disturb mode before bed. Now, if you have a hard time getting up early or by a certain time naturally, I recommend an inexpensive but working alarm clock - or a reliable watch on your bedside table! This is just a simple way to avoid the being swayed into checking your messages as soon as you open your eyes.

    Remember, setting a positive tone for the day ahead starts with a mind at ease.


    I personally love to start the day with a good book. My go-to’s are usually in the line of self development, business or biography. These cause me to really think and at times re-asses my actions. Choose whatever appeals to you, and warms your brain up with new energy.

    Another way I like to further wake up my brain is by listening to a podcast *after getting out of bed* and while getting ready for the day. AKA shower, thorough skincare routine, and a few mornings out of the week - my full makeup mood.


    There is nothing quite like looking in the mirror in the morning, and feeling GOOD in your skin. As someone who has struggled with super sensitive skin over the years, I know my skin very well, and can usually tell what the triggers are when it's acting up. Lately I’ve been experiencing some skin texture, as my skin adjusts to the changing seasons, and I've been combating it with The Firm by Jeffrey James Botanicals, and loving the results. While applying this serum, followed by my chosen facial oil, I always give my skin a gentle but firm massage to bring about circulation and a rosy glow. Read more