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6 New Primer Shades


We're excited to announce that the latest fruits of our labor are here! We've spent hours meticulously hand-crafting our latest range of primer shades, which can beautifully accentuate your makeup look with just a few easy steps.

For those of you who know the simple magic of using a primer before applying your makeup, enjoy our newest offering of six new shades! Applying primer to your skin before applying the rest of your makeup is just like putting on figure-flattering lingerie before putting on your clothes. Primer conceals and smooths lines and blemishes, keeps makeup in place, and evens out skin tone. In a word, primer helps elevate your makeup look to a new level, and offers nourishing properties for your skin in the process!


Our newest selection of perfect primers create a flawless facial canvas, with which you can compose your makeup masterpiece on.

Enjoy six stunning shades: White Primer, Yellow Primer, Peach Primer, Rose Primer, Brown Primer and Pink Primer.

If your complexion suffers from dullness or ruddiness, our White Primer can help to illuminate and highlight your skin, giving it a base that is not only smooth and soft to the touch, but bright and full of life! Our Peach Primer, Rose Primer and Pink Primer offer touches of warmth to give your skin a beautiful glow, and our Yellow Primer and Brown Primer provide flattering undertones that can accentuate your skin in a cool way.


Everyday Minerals Primers include key natural ingredients to keep skin looking its best, including: Bamboo Extract, which brings a balance and tranquility to skin. Naturally rich in silica, bamboo extract is ideal for shine control, in turn keeping your skin matte. Elderberry Extract, which is a multi-functional super fruit! Their extracts nourish, imparting a fresh and glowing look. Dead Sea Salt, which is a luxurious sea salt extracted and solar dried from the mineral rich marshes of the Dead Sea. It is nutrient rich, containing over 20 different minerals which have a plethora of positive effects on your skin.


I love to mix and match these primers in my day-to-day routine, as I've found that each one offers my skin a slightly different effect, which I adore. Variety is the spice of life, and these six new primers offer your skin supreme variety to test and try out!

Xo, Carina

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  • Andrea Martin October 16, 2015

    So excited to try them! If I'm a 2W what's the best primer for me?

  • can these primers be applied to eye are (especially the eye lid) and act as eye primer for eye shadows & eyeliners? Thx~

    • Hi TC,

      The new primers are ideal for the face, but you can still try them as an eye primer if you wish. Thank You!

  • This didn't really tell me which primer is right for me. I have olive skin. Whic would work best for new?

    • Hi Leah,

      You can try the Yellow Primer. It's not too yellow since it's translucent. Thank You!

  • Is there a way to get samples of several of the primer colors? I would like to try them out before making a final choice. Thank you!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      We should be offering samples of the primers as they become available, we don't have a set date on that. Thank You!

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