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Apartment Living in Austin

Hunting for your next place could be a daunting task, especially if you have had some bad experiences before. Austin Relocation Guide considers Rollingwood, Barton Hills, Tarrytown, Allandale, Mueller, West Lake Hills, Lakeway, Avery Ranch, and Old West Austin as among the best neighborhoods in Austin. Although there are countless apartment offers in Austin posted on Craigslist, finding something that will perfectly meet your needs and lifestyle may not come easy.

Let’s break down a quick guide as to how you can find a good apartment in Austin.

Your budget

First, take a realistic look at your finances. How much is your budget for your next place? We make sure that you will find a specific place to match with your budget. Know that summer time marks a peak of moving season; prices soar and availability is scarce. Often, the same unit could cost hundreds of dollars less if you were to sign a least during winter. Try to move during off season. Think ahead of your renewal season and try to fit in a schedule that won't hit on the summer, this way you are able to save up money.


Always take accessibility factors into consideration. Your prospective apartment should have access to easily commute to work and that you won't need long drives. Study about the proximity to transmit; to buses, subways, or bike routes. It should have neighborhood that allows you to get basic needs: grocery stores, gym, shopping, and coffee shop, etc. If you have a pet or loves to do walk or jogging, your essential place should be close to nature or a park, at least. Search for previous clients’ review.

Signing a contract

Read the entirety of your lease’s contract, even the fine print if any. Ask questions on anything you are unsure about. Keep in mind that some apartments have pet or guest policies. Some won't allow you to have guests or pets, so always be sure to ask about that to the landlord that handles it.

Learn About Your New Neighborhood

Before you even sign the lease, consider touring around the neighborhood. Don’t be content with photographs or merely a description read from the Internet. Walk around the neighborhood. Speak to the locals of the area. This is a way for you to see how your life is going to be the next months, or years of your life.

Take your time

When it comes to finding an apartment, it's okay to be picky. It’s totally okay to take time. Don't let a realtor pressure you. If you're not ready, or not 100% percent comfortable with the place, then, yes, you always have the option to shop around. Just don't sign any contract yet!

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