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How to use mineral bronzer?

Being a Bronzed Beauty isn’t just limited to the summer months, it is possible all year round.….

Unfortunately, bronzing gone wrong is a tale as old as time. Too much, can make your look dirty, and the wrong shade can look down right orange.

When it comes to keeping that glow all year round, Everyday Mineral’s has you covered. With just three shades to choose from, it is simple to find the right shade for you!

How to use mineral bronzer?

1. Pick a shade that is 2 or 3 shades darker than your actual skin tone

2. Using just a bit of bronzer, gently sweep the product anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face. Aim for the cheekbones, chin, temples and the forehead.

3. Blending is imperative and keep in mind that you can always add more!

4. Continue application until you have reached your desired sun kissed glow!

We recommend using The Tapered Sculpting Face brush when applying bronzer. It is designed to help contour your face and give it dimension.

Makeup Brush to Apply Mineral Bronzer

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