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Best Gifts For $25-$35

Finding the best gift for someone can be tricky at times. We usually stress over whether or not the gift of choice will have been worth it. Well, let’s eliminate this way of thinking right now. Tune your mind instead to giving a gift with the knowledge that it will be appreciated because of the thought that came with it. Choosing a gift should be fun! Not a treacherous task with an uncertain outcome. So…when it comes to beauty products, don’t freak out or feel unsure as to WHICH STUFF TO CHOOSE. Relax, and just get a little excitement going. As a helpful guide, here you have our current top 3 recommended gift items, for those with a budget of $25-$30.

1. Makeup Diary Austin kit

A piece of Austin wrapped in a beautifully crafted, eco-friendly eye shadow kit is a winner for Austinites and others alike. Why is this? It’s collection of earthy tones make it versatile for everyday makeup-wearers and el naturals. One of the best attributes about it is that it already has a gorgeous design, so no need for extra wrapping!

Makeup Diary Austin Kit

2. Flat Top Brush & Polished All Over Shimmer

Our top-selling bamboo face brush with synthetic bristles paired with our favorite of the All Over Shimmers collection - Polished - is a smashing duo for anyone. The ultra-soft bristles blended into this natural bronze, shimmering mica create the perfect all over glow OR highlight/contour depending on the wearer’s complexion.

Flat Top Brush and Polished All Over Shimmer

3. Finishing Dust & Blender Face Brush

Powdery and oh-so-light feeling, the Finishing Dust is amazingly versatile on differing complexions, and works to reduce oil buildup and sweat that has a tendency to interfere with completed makeup looks. But guess what. This magic dust can be worn alone too, so even your makeup-free friends can get a hit out of this shine-free, earth-friendly product. And what’s to say about this brush other than it gives an amazingly airy not-wearing-makeup look finish!

Blender Face Brush and Finishing Dust

4. Complexion Confidence kit & Inspire Tinted Lip Balm

Our customer favorite lip balm paired with our ultimate 7-piece complexion booster kit in beautiful packaging, this is a must. Have your girl taking on and inspiring the world while looking gorgeous with this duo!

Complexion Confidence Kit and Inspire Tinted Lip Balm

5. E-Gift Cards

Starting at $10, you can up the gift card from there however high you’s like!

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