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There is something about that rosy cheek flushed makeup look that is so captivating to the eyes. They’re just so fresh and natural, wouldn’t you agree? 

Somehow that look always finds a place on one of the top looks in Fashion Week. Look at the fab and glam runways in London, Milan and Paris and you’ll definitely see one or two rosy cheek makeup looks every time. 

Beauty cults call rosy cheeks as the foster child of classic beauty and we couldn’t agree more. There is something about the beauty of that natural flush that we can’t get over with. Even the author Anthony Hincks seems to be captivated by it. He said, “Rosy cheeks will always stand out in a field of grey.” 

History has it. 

During the ancient times, women used pigments from red fruits to recreate those naturally gorgeous rosy cheeks. Early American colonists used crushed rose petals to achieve their pinkish glowy skin. These days, the trick could be done in as easy as swiping the right blush shade to the apples of your cheeks. 

Yes, the secret lies on the right blush shade. Choose a pink blush with a healthy luster of gold to bring out the natural beautiful pinkish glow. May we suggest our I’m Taken Luminous Blush?

I’m Taken Luminous Blush I’m Taken Luminous Blush

We especially created this blush to bring out that sought after rosy glow. 
It does not take a lot of technical skills to achieve the flushed look. Just take out your favorite rosy blush (or use I’m Taken Luminous Blush for best results) and with your bamboo eco-friendly Blender Face Brush, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks using a swirling like motion.

Blender Face Brush

Need some natural mineral makeup to match with your glammed up, flush look? You can get the luminous blush of your choice for free when you buy 2 full sized products from our Custom Kit offer.

You may also play around with our rosy shade minis. Our minis offer stunning choices of shades to match your skin tone.

It’s that easy to get a runway worthy look without the hefty runway price tag. And the great thing about rosy cheeks? They compliment oh-so-beautifully whether you go for that high heels on a summer dress or just your favorite t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. 

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