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Bronze Complexions: Nene's Look

Step 1: Choose your base shade

Choose your Matte, Semi-Matte, or Jojoba base.

Bronze 7N - Deep skin with neutral undertones Bronze 7N Base
Golden Bronze 7W - Deep skin with golden undertones Golden Bronze 7W Base
Rosy Bronze 7C - Deep skin with cinnamon undertones Rosy Bronze 7C Base

Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades? It’s super easy. Find Your Perfect Shade.

Step 2: Prep your skin

Swirl our bamboo Flat Top Brush in the chosen base shade, using the lid to help press and infuse the minerals into the base of the brush. Apply to your skin in circular motions, repeating this process until you reach the desired level of coverage.

Step 3: Apply eye shadows

Shimmery shades on bronze complexions bring out a certain glow that is oh-so-rich and intriguing. Make the most of it and build your shimmer eye shadow wardrobe! On Nene we used Floating On H2O, a soft lavender-gray, which really opened her eyes. With this we applied a highlighting complimentary pink, One Piece Of My Heart.

Step 4: Blush your cheeks

Peach shades tend to look amazing on bronze complexions. One of our peachiest shades (and what we used here on Nene) is Winner's Circle Luminous Blush. With its iridescent gold luster you will surely radiate warmth and only accentuate your smile.

Step 5: Nourish those lips

A 100% natural, nourishing, tint of color is the perfect way to finish off a look. We used Blissful Tinted Lip Balm on Nene. Shop our complete range of softly-pigmented Lip Balms!

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  • When are the darker base shades coming out?

    • Hi S.W.,
      The darker shades will be out within the next 4 weeks :0 We are so excited about that!

  • Are the darker shades available yet?

    • Hello Mayra,

      We have darker base shades available, you can email us at thanks@everydayminerals.con so that we could further assist you with your base shade selection. Thank You!

  • Is there an estimated date for the other deep shades to come out?

    • Hello,

      The shades for Bronze complexions will be out within 1-2 weeks. Thank You!

  • Are the darker shades available yet?

    • Hello,

      We have darker base shades currently available, they are the Tan (5C, 5N and 5W), Almond (6C, 6N and 6W) and the Bronze (7N). We should be releasing two more additional darker base shades (7C and 7W) in 2-3 weeks. Be sure to check our website for any updates! Thank You!

      • It's been 2-3 weeks, is the 7W shade out yet? I see that it is still not available.

        • Can you send us an email at to request for a sample of the new 7W base shade? Thank You!

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