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Carina's Picks: Matte Blush

Blushes, oh blushes, what would we do without them?! Not very long ago I read a request from a fan asking what I usually wear for Matte Blushes. Well, here I’m excited to share with you my favorite of the original cheek collection - matte blushes. As I do find myself wearing Luminous Blush more often lately, I never not have at least one matte blush on hand during the summer seasons. But those days are over! you may be saying (to the computer, really). Yes, I know the brisk air of autumn is among us now, however, I know everyone has their preferences, and matte is ALWAYS in! So, let me share with you about the particular ones I adore most. Field Of Roses has been a favorite among not only myself, but fans too. It’s a beautiful pop of pink that pairs well with my casual denim shorts or jeans and go-to super comfy cotton V-necks. I love creating a more defining look in the evenings with this shade by sweeping on Shadow Play of the All Over Shimmers underneath my cheekbones or Linai In the Sand Bronzer. Another fave of mine that I have on hand all year is my Sweet Coral Blush. It’s exactly what its’ title implies - a simply sweet coral shade. It’s quite lovely. Since I usually try to squeeze in a girls’ day every Friday, I always love sporting my Girl Friday Blush. The color is beautiful - a medium rosy shade with a hint of violet - but I think it’s the name that really gets me excited. I am always wanting to know what my fans are wearing! Comment or post on your social media page, and don’t forget to tag.


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