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  • What do those jar sizes mean? Good question! Here’s a quick and easy guide to Everyday Minerals’ jar sizes.
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    We’ve been taught that what we reap is what we sow. Untangling the metaphor and taking it literally to the heart, these wise words simply say that seeds are among the most important possessions of farmers. When they have good seeds to sow, they expect good harvest.

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  • Hello All!

    I am excited to begin spreading the word of amazing organizations who are doing so much good for our planet.

    Please welcome my SUSTAINABLE SPOTLIGHT!

    First up, we have the incredible organization ADOPT AN ACRE. Just like it sounds, everyday folks can purchase plots of land and protect the world’s most important and imperiled natural places!

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  • This week, I am shining my SUSTAINABLE SPOTLIGHT on the wonderful organization OPENLANDS!


    I am so excited at the chance to spread awareness of all of these great organizations, and today is no exception. What I love most about OPENLANDS is that they are so invested in our nation’s precious land! Their mission statement is to protect the natural and open spaces of northeastern Illinois and the surrounding region to ensure cleaner air and water, protect natural habitats and wildlife, and help balance and enrich our lives.
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    Everyday Minerals is proud to announce our recent collaboration with the Australian gals behind the just-launched clothing label Bruce Heart, Rylee Maver and Elle Howard. Both vegan, Rylee and Elle (who are friends since childhood) created a cool collection of elegant yet edgy basics, and we recently teamed up with the girls to provide makeup for their exciting label launch party. With core values that perfectly echo our own, Bruce Heart is proud to donate a portion of its sales to animal welfare organizations. Love that!

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  • *We have 3 winners for our Love at First Blush Kit! Aditi Giasotta, Karina Beck, and Traci Goodwin! If you see this before you get our message, email us at!

    Xoxo, EM

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    Calling all music-loving Austinites and visitors alike! SXSW is a time to discover great up-and-coming bands, eat good food and enjoy the first bit of warm weather before it gets unbearably hot here in TX!

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  • In an effort to reward our loyal customers while implementing sustainable business practices, we encourage all of our users to save your empty Everyday Minerals containers! Read more

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    In the second installment of our Musical Muse campaign, we bring you Lee K, an infectious up-and-coming DJ. She's the second of three in this campaign, designed to nurture the creativity and talent of women artists everywhere. We hand-selected three female musicians with the goal of giving them the opportunity to create music that they've always dreamed of making. Learn more about the campaign here.

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  • Georgina1

    We are so excited to launch our Musical Muses campaign, the first in a series of initiatives designed to nurture the creativity and talent of women artists everywhere. To start, we chose the catchy track "Kicks" by our first muse, the talented up-and-coming British songstress Georgina Leahy. We'll be releasing exclusive tracks from our other two muses in the coming months.  Learn more about the campaign here.

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