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Currently, we have been exploring and rolling out with Luminous Blush shades, which as you may know if you’ve seen them already, are oh-so-pretty. No sparkle, just pops of color with iridescent gold luster for added wearable warmth. We have 18 shades in all coming at you this year.

We’ve also updated our Custom Kits to be completely customized by you. We offer the Personalize Your Eyes Kit (complete with 8 custom eye shadows and a brush), and the Create Your Own Kit (7 pieces that are ideal for our face type products).

Wait! It doesn’t end there. Which products are we currently working on? Just cream eye shadows, body scrubs, and multi-purpose balm type products.

So here are some questions for you:

Which products would YOU like to see Everyday Minerals make in the near future?

What is your current go-to product as of right now and why?

What is it that you like about the current Everyday Minerals shopping experience?

Which 3 beauty products would you take with you on your travels (whether it be body care, skin care, makeup), and why?

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  • Please start making pressed powders! The sifters never work for me even when I try to expand the holes so I always end up taking them off which invariably leaves a mess. Love the new rose primer. I tested one side with and one side without and it does make a difference! The mobile website functionality could be better.

  • Maybe an all natural mascara? :)

  • Holly S August 8, 2017

    I would love to see a foundation or mineral treatment that includes tea tree oil or willow bark to combat breakouts.

  • Probably the one and only company my skin loves and doesn't give me a fuss about. My go-to and most cherished makeup items are definitely from Everyday minerals! My biggest struggle is finding a contour product.It used to be the eyeshadow "nutmeg" from Everyday minerals but that's been discontinued. I would love for matte contour shades to come out. Not bronze, since that's already here but the true cool toned contour shades for a chiseled cheek ;)

  • Kaythee August 8, 2017

    I would really like to get my paws on individual eyeshadow pots from the Venice kit. Like in big pots! I know I already known I'll only use two of them.

  • Love EM products! Looking forward to the cream eye shadows!
    -I would love to see eye shadows in more vibrant colors but without glitter or shimmer. I'm 50+ so matte shadows are much better.
    - A cream or liquid foundation, maybe something like a bb cream. light coverage with moisturizer.
    PS - I'd also love a better shaker top on the full size base and face. I have to take mine off because nothing will come out.

  • Liz Roberts August 8, 2017

    I use the Gold Shimmer polish as foundation for a lovely slightly tanned glow.Wondering if you would put this in liquid form.

  • Liquid face makeup primer for oily skin types.

  • I'd love for you to bring back the pressed powder

  • Jamie Regan August 9, 2017

    I was going to say cream eye shadows, but since you've read my mind...
    How about cleansers that actually remove makeup without drying out forty something sensitive skin? Many thanks! Love y'all!

  • Would love to see EM make a mascara! This is the one essential, must have for me that I can't currently get from EM. My three can't live withouts are base, brown (no pinks) blush, and mascara.

  • A chemical free mascara :) Facial cleanser & Eye makeup remover Thanks :)

  • Maria del Pilar Garcia Martinez August 10, 2017

    Hola. Me gustaría que sacaran sombras de ojos prensadas, barras de labios que no tengan brillo plateado, sobras de ojos duochrome y que los orificios de los productos en polvo sean mas grandes, para que salga mas producto. Un saludo

  • Holly L. August 10, 2017

    I'd love it if the company were to create a spf 25 mineral sunscreen.

  • Tracey S August 15, 2017

    I agree with the all-natural mascara! I would also like to see a stick eyeliner. I love the lip tints and would like to see some matte ones. Love your products - keep up the good work!

  • Sharon Kolarik August 18, 2017

    Would like to have foundation for olive skin that has cool undertones, not just warm.

  • I would like to see some older models on your web site. The younger women have beautiful youn skin . It would be nice to see how your products look on us older women. I have always loved new products and trying new things but honestly your product won't look the same on 67 year old woman. I do love the blushes

  • Anne Hoey September 18, 2017

    Please please please start making pressed make up base. I have used your products for years and love them however I have gotten so frustrated with the packaging I have just recently switched to another pressed make up. I don't like it as well but I hate the packaging that much that it drove me to switch. Please make a pressed base and I will switch back in a heartbeat. Would also love to see pressed blushes shadows and cream shadows !

  • Christine Diaz September 18, 2017

    I placed an order for custom sample kit with brush but did not received email.confirmation to track the order.

    • Hi Christine,

      You can email us at Please provide with your Order number so that we can assist you further. Thank You!

  • I would love to see a super fine brush for applying the eyeliner, and better tips on how to do different looks. Maybe video tutorials? Still hoping for something that will provide great coverage without making my pores more noticeable. Also, I would LOVE an actual hard catalog to be available to order.

  • Pls make a luminous blush in pinky red for olive skin
    and no brown tones!

  • I would love the blush colors displayed on models
    I know we have different skin but it would be a good guideline

  • Lisa Tinsley September 30, 2017

    I love the semi-matte makeup... and the bigger versions of finishing dust. Please don't stop making those!

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