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Choose Your Rose

One of the things that we love the most about the new Rose Collection is it's versatility. No matter your mood or taste, there's a rose for every occasion. Which do you choose?



Clockwise from Top Left:

Peach Rose Warm, inviting and used to express cheer, this charming rose is often the center of a party representing friendliness and social prowess. (Primrose Blush combined with Blooming Mauve + Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter)

Pale Pink Rose An embodiment of beauty, soft tones invoke joy in the most delicate of ways. Poise and grace make this the ballerina of roses. (Fresh Rose Blossom Blush combined with Rose Petals + Nearly Nude Tinted Lip Butter)

Lavender Rose Known for their eye-catching enchantment. Bold yet dreamy and endearing, It's no coincidence they are a symbol of love at first sight. (Field of Roses Blush combined with Sugared Mauve + Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter)

Bright Pink Rose A symbol of admiration and one of the original rose colors, this classically vibrant shade is perfect for trendsetters that never go out of style. (Tea Rose Blush combined with Spring Berries + Rose Petals Tinted Lip Butter)

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