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Color Correcting Imperfections

From red, nasty pimples to old acne scars, many of our faces are craving the healthy glow we once possessed in our youth. Our complexions, unfortunately, cannot change by a mere wish for radiant skin. Everyone can attest to this. We have to put in effort. Thankfully, we have little things called Jojoba Color Correctors to save the day.

Our range of all natural, handcrafted Color Correctors include four shades to fit any skin type you may have. Even one shade can be versatile with different problem areas. These are best applied with the Everyday Minerals Concealer Brush, either stippled to the desired coverage or lightly glided over selected areas.

Our Color Correctors are not meant to be worn alone, but complimentary to your Matte, Semi-Matte, or Jojoba Base. Applying your Corrector of choice before your Base is key to having the best results. As a finishing touch, for extra gorgeous skin dust on one of our Finishing Powders or All Over Shimmers. These are the last step to full-coverage glowing skin.

With four very different shades in appearance yet similar coverage-building traits, we’ve gathered some details to help you decide which will best suit you!


A soft pink tint, with light-diffusing minerals that work to camouflage dark under-eye circles.


Makeup artists love Mint, and here’s why: It’s a hint of pale green that neutralizes the apperance of ruddiness, blemishes, broken capillaries, and color imperfections.


Hands down the most pigmented of all the Color Correctors, this one offers concentrated coverage for color imperfections and blemishes.


Sunlight camouflages dark under-eye circles, and works like magic on dark spots, as well as toning down redness to give a youthful lift to tired or stressed skin.

Having a tricky time selecting? No biggie! Contact us, we’d love to assist you.

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