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Contouring In 3 Steps

Products you’ll need:

You Sand Me Blush
Linai In the Sand Bronzer
Sunny All Over Shimmer


I’m Taken Luminous Blush
Poip-pular Shores Bronzer
Polished All Over Shimmer


Good Morning Luminous Blush
Gimmee A Kissimmee Bronzer
Shadow Play All Over Shimmer

Brushes we recommend:

Angled Blush Brush
Tapered Sculpting Face Brush
Blender Face Brush

For Fair to Light complexions, we recommend the first trio.
For Light to Medium complexions, we recommend the second trio.
For Medium to Deep complexions, we recommend the last trio.


1. Using the bamboo Angled Blush Brush, dip into the Blush of choice and tap off any excess. Bring the plush bristles to the temple point of each eye (this is just above the cheekbone), and gently whirl in a circular motions towards the apple of each cheek. Repeat until you’ve reached the desired intensity.

2. Carefully absorb the minerals of your selected Bronzer into the dense bristles of the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush. Run this along your jawline, the underside of your cheeks, the top of your forehead near the hairline, and both sides of the nose. Areas of application will vary for best results on the individual person.

3. With your skin Shimmer of choice, generously infuse the light, feathery bristles of the Blender Face Brush and apply in a sweeping motion to the areas you’d like to highlight. we recommend the tops of each cheek, the bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, and chin. The natural shape of your face will determine what works best on you.

Hope you enjoyed this one!!

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