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Cover Your Bases



Building a good foundation…. it all starts with your base! Enhancing your complexion is easy, and creating a flawless look is a promise when using Everyday Minerals Base Foundation! Even the most un-make-up-savvy woman can do it!




Preparing your Canvas

An artist will always prep their canvas before they begin a new masterpiece. This is done to ensure that the product will go on smoothly and last longer. Well, the same can be said for foundation! Before you even dare set that brush anywhere near your gorgeous face, you must moisturize! It scares away dry patches, and reduces inflammation that can cause redness. Calm that skin! (Keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water improves skin’s clarity, so H20 GO!)




Swirls & Twirls

With Everyday Minerals, a little bit goes a long way! After shaking a minimal amount of product onto the lid from your foundation pot, swirl your brush until not a trace is left behind.

For Minimal Coverage - Using a bigger brush (Eco Botan Artisan Kabuki Brush), at the center of your forehead, or the center of your chin, begin buffing the foundation into your skin in a circular motion, applying some pressure. This will insure instant, yet minimal coverage. Continue applying lightly until you have reached your desired coverage.

For Maximum Coverage - Using a firm, dense brush (Flat Top Brush), at the center of your forehead, or the center of your chin, begin buffing the foundation in a small circular motion using heavier pressure. A denser brush allows you to build up to maximum coverage. Continue until you have reached your desired coverage.




Ready.. Set… Go!

Have the skin you’ve always dreamed of with Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust. This will set your foundation and get rid of any extra shine, while leaving your face looking flawless!






Pro Tips-

*Blend and Buff….Blend and Buff…. Buffing with your brush actually brings out the qualities of the minerals.  The more you do this, you will begin to see your skin glow, and your face looking flawless.

*The advantage of using Everyday Minerals is the lightweight properties! Lightly layering will create beautiful coverage!

*MIX & MATCH- Don’t be afraid to mix colors, especially base colors. It’s fun, and you might just create your own customized shade! *Try putting your Everyday Minerals powder into your favorite face cream.  It just became a tinted moisturizer!

*Reduce the look of larger pores by blending more foundation into those areas with a smaller brush.

*Wait at least 2 minutes after your moisturize, before applying makeup. This avoids blotchiness, and allows products to go on evenly.

*Throughout the day our skin tends to lack moisture. Spritzing your face with mineral water helps set makeup, and aids in hydration. The best part about this, it doesn’t break the bank!

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