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Customer Created: New Matte/Semi-Matte Base Shade

Here's something that I bet you didn't know about Everyday Minerals: some of our colors are created by EM users! Many times, if we don't have a shade that a customer needs, and they reach out to us, we create it!


Here's an email correspondence from Patricia, we didn't have a shade that perfectly matched her skin tone, so we made one just for her. And now it's available to everyone else as well! It's a warm, deep shade called Bronze, perfect for Patricia's rich chocolate skin tone. Keep your eyes open for Patricia's custom-created shade, along with a whole host of darker shades to suit all women of all skin tones! Our goal is to have a comprehensive line that encompasses every woman, every skin tone, every skin type, and all walks of life. So if there is something that you need that we don't currently provide, tell us!



"Guys, I don't know what to say to you. I had tears rolling down my face earlier this afternoon when I got a random compliment at the bakery while picking up some bagels. I've lived in this area 7 years and today the woman said,  "Patricia, what's different about your face? You wearing a new makeup or you got some good sleep. You're glowing." She sees me regularly! I wear wearing the sample shade you sent me recently. It's just a teeeeeeeny bit darker than my normal complexion but for summer, it is SPOT ON! It's beautiful. No gray shadiness, I mean, it's me only better.

Listen to me. You people are amazing. I have never, ever been able to wear ANY foundation all day long without wanting to tear my skin off my face within a few hours. Right now it's just about 5 pm EST and I've been wearing my Everyday Minerals since about 11 a.m. and I am not even aware of it on my skin. No irritation, no itchiness, no bumps...I do not know what to say. Other than, "Thank you." Thank you.

Thank you. I don't know who the engineer is behind the blending of the shade that you sent me, but if you happen to be a woman, then you know what this means. Whether I'm in a suit at a meeting or just in jeans at the supermarket, I want to feel confident, pretty, assured that I look my best. To be able to put on a powder foundation and some lip gloss and greet the world feeling like a superstar is a big deal. If the shade isn't right, nothing is right. I finally have a gorgeous shade that even my neighborhood baker noticed."

Thanks, Patricia!



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