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DIY Embroidered Yoga Bag

Yoga is form of exercise that many of us couldn’t get through our stressful lives without. Regularly, we hit the mat for a bit of sweat & zen. After a while we form a special bond with our yoga mat.  It’s our baby, our therapist, our good friend. So why not show him a little love? Here is how to make a beautifully embroidered tote to carry your matt to and fro. Your mat will thank you for its cool new home.



What You’ll Need:

-        Three colors of thick friendship bracelet thread. (I picked red, sky blue, and black.)

-        Scissors

-        Paper

-        Ruler

-        Red Colored Pencil

-        Sewing needle (should have a big enough eye to get the friendship thread through)

-        Yoga Bag in Natural


  1. Cut a 1.5 inch equilateral triangle out of paper
  2. Using the red pencil, trace the triangle in a straight row, spacing each triangle one inch apart.
  3. Leaving a .75 inch space in between and draw another row of triangles that directly lines up & faces the row you’ve already drawn.
  4. In between the two rows, draw a .5 inch strip
  5. Within that strip, make a dot every three inches.
  6. Repeat two more times going around the bag.


At this point, your bag should look like this:



7. Using your first color. Thread the needle and fill in the triangles with stitches.

8. Taking your second color, make stitches between the center dots, leaving tails of string hanging at each.  Do the same with two rows of your third color, and then make one more of your second.

9. Using the tails that you left hanging, tie a knot at each dot, and trim the excess so you have a small tassel.

The center row should look like this when you’re done:


Repeat steps to fill in the other rows until you have three going around the bag.416A4233

Happy yoga-ing everyone!

This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her on her blog here for posts like these and more!

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