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DIY Honey Rosebud Incense

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I’m all for a good smelling home, but the one thing I despise are chemical air fresheners. I hate the feeling that I’m inhaling god-knows-what, and I prefer a beautiful natural smelling home. In place of Febreeze, I turn to incense, sage sticks, and palo santo. Today, I want to share a quick incense DIY perfect for this time of year. As spring moves in, there is nothing more refreshing than a rosebud scented home.

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3 Tbs Dried Rosebuds
3 Tbs Charcoal
Mortor & Pestal
Wooden Skewers
Wax Paper

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Using your mortar and pestle, bring up the dried rose buds into small pieces.

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Add charcoal and work the mixture into a fine powder.
Slowly add honey until you get a thick paste with good hold.

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Gently spread the paste around your skewers, and then set on a piece of wax paper to dry for a few days.
Once completely dry to the touch, light and enjoy.

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This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her blog here for more posts like these!

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