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DIY Sunglasses Case

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of just throwing my sunglasses into my bag, and getting them all scratched up. I don’t care if they cost $5, I like to be able to see when I put my sunglasses on. Enter: the solution. A DIY sunglasses case that you can make out of some scrap fabric and a piece of string. It’s that easy. Here’s how.

Image 1

You’ll Need:

• Two kinds of scrap fabric

• Sturdy scrap paper for making a stencil

• Sewing machine & thread OR thread & needle

• Fabric pins

• Ruler

• String

• Pencil

• Fabric Scissors

Image 2


    1. Cut out two stencils, one that measures 6” x 9”, and another that is 6” x 10”


    1. Fold Fabric in half and pin the stencil through both layers. Cut along the lines of the stencil so that you have two pieces of fabric the required size. You’ll want to use the smaller stencil for your outside decorative fabric, and the larger stencil for your lining.


Image 3

    1. Take the two pieces of decorative fabric, and line them up with the right sides facing each other. Sandwich that with one piece of the liner fabric on either side and pin everything together so that the edges match up. The liner fabric should be slightly longer, and the end where it sticks up will be the top end of your case.


Image 4

    1. Leaving a 1/4 inch seam, sew around the left, bottom, and righthand sides.


Image 5

    1. Fold the excess trim of your liner fabric down, so that the edge lines up with the top of your decorative fabric.


    1. Keeping sure to not sew the bag shut, sew the lining fabric in place. This will make a tube that you can feed your drawstring through.


Image 6

  1. Feed drawstring through, and you’re done!

Image 7

This post is from our guest blogger Naomi. Follow her on her blog here for posts like these and more!

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