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Holly Marilyn is an amazingly talented and beautiful singer songwriter, who we are thrilled to announce is our next Everyday Minerals Musical Muse. Holly embodies the free spirit and natural beauty that personifies the Everyday Minerals lifestyle.

She has such an amazing and prolific career and is a real inspiration for women everywhere.

In 2005, Holly's song "Something's Got To Change" was selected for the film Stay starring Ryan Gosling, Ewen McGregor, and Naomi Watts. How cool is that!

Soon after, she was signed to Interscope Records as a solo artist. She wrote, recorded and toured with The Golden Smog, a super-group consisting of members of Wilco, the Jayhawks - these are two bands that we love.

In 2012 Holly became part of Dhani Harrison’s (George Harrison's son) musical collective known as thenewno2 and is featured on the album, thefearofmissingout.

Her new solo project is something we are totally proud to be a part,  By sponsoring Holly's new track Last Match, Everyday Minerals is excited to be a part of her new solo project. We know it's gonna be fantastic and just can't wait for the new album.

We recently had a photo shoot in Los Angeles and got to sit down with her and talk of her musical inspiration and special beauty tips that we are thrilled to share with you.

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the song?

It was love and the fear of losing it that inspired "The Last Match".


Tell us about how you made the song happen. Who was involved and how did the recording go?

I recorded this song at my friend Blake Robin's studio.  I didn't even know I was going to do all those crazy harmonies at the end.  I just did them on the spot.  We were stoked.


How would you describe your beauty style in relation to your music? Are there any themes you follow that help define your style?

I do a lot of different styles of music, so I dress pretty differently for every project.  I'm always drawn to the 60s and 70s fashion-wise, so that's generally incorporated into any music related outfit.  In real life I have a uniform.  Black jeans, black boots, black T-shirt, and a cool jacket.  Jackets are my thing.


What is your favorite color palette right now and how do you use those colors with your look and with your art?

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I wear a lot of black and have recently gotten way into navy blue, so I can really go anywhere makeup wise. It's a mood thing.

Hey you can get Holly's look from the photo shoot
Check out her look here



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