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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Chelsea

Hi! Give us a little sneak peak into Chelsea’s world.

Hi! I’m Chelsea Debo (sometimes I go by Chebo) I am an actress, yoga teacher and natural skincare enthusiast currently living in LA. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and moved to LA when I was 18, then moved to Ireland for 2 years when I was 23, then at 25 went to India and now I’m back in LA! My life has been nuts and I enjoy the journey! I’m a water baby who loves to think on her feet and keep it movin'.

You seem so in tune with your body! How did you get into teaching yoga & swimming?

Yoga has found me in the darkest of times of my life so I’ve decided to keep her around forever :) One very low point in my life brought me to India, where I learned about the philosophy of yoga as well as teaching it. Teaching has been a part of my life for two years now and I’m loving it! I’m still learning new things from yoga every single day. My mom forced swim team onto all of her 6 children until they were 8 years old... I happened to be pretty good and loved the community so I kept with it for much longer. As a kid, I’d stay at the pool all day long - doing everything from swim team to synchronized swimming. I was a pool rat. I have an intense love for water, being a Pisces may play a part in that. Being in tune with my body has taken many years of self love and retraining my brain to not focus on societal standards. I refuse to look at a scale anymore and try to eat clean and stay active and I’m happy with that.

Tell us a bit about your skincare line…

The Plant Bomb! The Plant Bomb started from an idea and has evolved into a full blown company. I watched a documentary called Stink, and it freaked me out. It’s a little upsetting knowing what companies can and do and put in so many of the products that we consume outside and inside of our body. A lot of which hiding in the ingredients list labeled “fragrance”. So I started making products without the chemical fillers, and turns out I loved it, and so did my skin. I took a class, and got myself a copper still from Portugal and started distilling local plants, taking the pure essential water of peppermint and rosemary, etc. directly out of the leaves, and voila, Plant Bomb was born. There’s a lot of satisfaction from extracting something directly from nature and using it for your day to day. We’re developing lots of new ideas and always searching for new people to collab with so I’m excited to see what will happen next!


What is your favorite self-care ritual?

BATHS! I refuse to live somewhere without a bath. It’s an absolute necessity for me. I throw in some essential oils, a face mask, some music and I’m good to go. I’ve also learned to take time to breathe and travel and just Life isn’t all about work, it’s play too.

As a lover of vintage, what are your top 3 go-to thrift shops in LA?

Vintage Vortex, The Bearded Beagle, and Squaresville - all in Los Feliz.

LA is a city of dreams, but so competitive. How do you manage to find balance?

I try to remember that everyone is SO different. If I’m in the running for a job and don’t get it, I no longer get down on myself about it because I gave it my all. It’s just part of the process. Side hustles help too! Giving yourself the opportunity to not rely solely on one thing gives you space to breathe and not get down on yourself. Not categorizing yourself to one thing can open you up to new creative endeavors so you don’t get down on yourself for the one thing. We can be many things, not just one :)

Best piece of advice you’ve received?

You’re never too old to climb a tree.


What was the turning point for you, when you knew without a doubt, you had to pursue what you are passionate about now?

I’ve always been a very go with the flow person but yoga was an extreme pull for me. I knew I had to make a change and yoga was that for me. It fits into every aspect of my life and will always be there for me, I’m so happy I went through with the training in India. Had it not been for yoga and allowing myself time to process things, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Follow her on Instagram! @imchebo


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