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Everyday Minerals Spotlight: Meet Sarah

Q&A With EM:

Tell us about yourself girl!

-Born in Austin, TX
-A painter, rockclimber, photographer, videographer, and animal activist
-Living part-time in my travel van!

Who or what motivates/empowers you to be who you are today?

What motivates me and empowers me the most is the nature around me. I feel inspired when I am near the ocean, hearing the waves. I feel empowered when I am among a mountain range. The nature around us is miraculous and constantly reminds me that anything is possible and no dream is too big.

What is the greatest obstacle you've overcome so far?

As an artist, my greatest obstacle has been pursuing my dream. Art has the stereotype of being a risky unrealistic job and for a while that scared me. I tried to pursue physical therapy and a business degree but nothing gave me the rush that doing art did. Having the courage to follow my dream is to this day the greatest obstacle I have overcome, but the most rewarding decision I have ever made as well.

How has photography impacted your life?

Photography has impacted my life greatly. I love photography because unlike painting and many other art forms, there are multiple people involved in creating a photo. I love the connectivity of photography and making magic with another person to create the finishing piece.

Currently jamming to...

Provider, Frank Ocean

Next adventure?


Fave vegan dish?

I love anything vegan! My favorite meal right now though, is probably vegan pizza. I like to put marinara sauce, artichokes, broccoli, pineapple, basil, and vegan cheese on my pizza.

And lastly, what does true beauty mean to you?

To me, true beauty is knowing who you are and who makes you unique. It is expressing who you are no matter what society tells you beauty looks like. It is choosing what color of lipstick you think is pretty despite if someone else tells you it's not. It is about being confident. It's about being yourself and about loving yourself. To me, beauty looks like compassion. I think kindness is the most attractive thing a person can be. More people should look towards inner beauty rather than physical beauty because that is much more powerful.


Follow Sarah on Instagram! @yakksa123


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