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Fair Complexions


Fair Complexions

Step 1: Choose your base shade

Matte and Semi-matte bases

fair_1_6 0C- Rosy Fair (formerly Fair)- Fairest skin with cool undertones

fair_neutral_20N- Fair (Formerly Fair Neutral)- Fairest skin with neutral undertones

golden_fair_30W- Golden Fair- Fairest skin with warm undertones (Bridget's match)

Concealer Shades

cream_1Cream concealer stick- Cream

fair_2Mineral Concealer- Fair

Need help finding your undertone or think you may be in between shades?

Step 2: Swirl Flat Top Brush in chosen base shade, use lid to press and infuse minerals into the base of the brush, then apply to skin in circular motions, repeating this process until you reach your desired level of coverage.


Step 3: Apply Rare Silk Eyeshadow (Coming soon) all over the lid and into the crease with Dome Blending Eye Brush.


Step 4: Apply Sheri's Radiant Creation Lucent Powder on top of cheekbone with Dome Blush Brush, two-finger's width away from the nose and blend back into hairline.


Step 5: Apply Spring Berries Tinted Lip Butter to complete the look.

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  • Which of fair jojoba shades has the most of yellow undertones?

  • Please bring back the semi matte base in golden fair !! It was my perfect match and finish

    • Yes, please bring back Golden Fair in semi-matte! I have it in matte, but really need it in semi-matte for the drier winter months.

  • I second Tanya's comment: Bring back Golden Fair!

  • Recently tried the jojoba base because of dry skin. Got the ivory- natural b/c that is what I wear in other formulas but noticed it was darker, appears to pink on me. I also have freckles. What shade in the jojoba should I try next, that would have neutral to cool undertones?

    • Hi Marie! The lightest jojoba foundation shade that we have for neutral undertones would be Cream. This is for light complexions. Yes, natural ivory is much darker, a level 3 for medium complexions :) You can find cream here

  • Catherine February 27, 2014

    Hi there! I'm buying some of your products from the iherb website and they don't have any of the bases listed above for fair skin... They do however have the It Base in fairy light neutral and fair medium. Is this old stock as I couldn't find the matching product on your website? Also, would either of these work? Or would it be better for fair skinned to try the jojoba bases (they have the full selection on iherb)? Thank you for your help! Really happy to have found a product like yours!

    • Hi Catherine! I would try the Jojoba bases. Try Alabaster for more pink undertones, Cream for more neutral and shell blanc for warm. :) I think those colors in the IT base may be a little too dark for you. :) Thank you!!! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Catherine March 8, 2014

        Hi Em! Thank you SO much for your reply. I ordered the cream (after some help from my patient hubby) and it's perfect!
        I have one more question today though... which of the multi-tasking concealers would be best with the cream jojoba base? Fair? Thank you for your help :)

  • SInce I'm running out of my golden fair semi-matte foundation I'd like to know: whats a good substitute for it? I'd really like to continue using your semi-matte foundation

    • We will have the Golden Fair in the semi-matte available soon! But if you need something before then, the Fair Neutral and Olive Fair are both very, very close! :)

  • I'm using Bare minerals now. If i give you the names of the colors can you tell me what colors I would use in your brand cosmetics?

    • Hi Judy!
      Yes we can! You can email them to! Thank you!

  • Where did Golden Fair go? I can't find it. Please don't tell me it's been discontinued. I can't be the only one who uses it!

    • Golden Fair will be back soon! Not discontinued just a bit more of a wait for it! :)

  • Could you have the Golden Fair in Jojoba too?

  • Where is the Olive Fair in semi-matte and matte?

    • HI Vicki!

      Olive Fair and Golden Fair were almost exactly the same color, so we made them into one shade, so it would be easier to identify. The new shade is called Golden Fair :)

  • Where is the Light Matte Base or which new shade is similar?

    • Hello Silvia,
      I would recommend that you try 1W and 2W through our 7 Piece Sample Kit to see if any of these shades could be your perfect match in the new formula. Thank You!

  • anastasia March 31, 2014

    i have a question about former Ivory shade. what is it now in this new semi-matte bases? thank you

    • Hello Anastasia,
      Learn more about the updated semi-matte bases on the Newbie page and on our Blog. 0N Fair is the closest match in comparison to the Ivory. We also have samples that you can try :)
      I would recommend that you try 1W and 2W through our 7 Piece Sample Kit to see if any of these shades could be your perfect match in the new formula. Thanks!

  • shell May 18, 2014

    What would be good colors to try in the jojoba & matte formulas for someone who used to use olive fair in matte? A long time ago, a color called "Sweet Almond" in matte worked well for me in summer also. Suggestions?

    • Hello Shell,

      The Olive Fair has no exact equivalent in the Jojoba line but you may want to give the Shell Blanc a try. It is for for fair porcelain skin with warm undertones. Thank You!

  • Kristie June 11, 2014

    Im just looking at your products and Im not sure what shade I am. I have really fair skin with freckles :) I typically only wear foudation on my nose as its so red. What would you assume to be the most natural match for me? thank you.

    • Hello Kristie,

      You can email us at so that we can further assist you with your base shade selection. You can also tell us about your skin undertone (rosy, neutral or warm) so that we can help you further. Thank You!

  • Amanda July 2, 2014

    Hi! I really like the eye shadow shown here, but I don't see it on your website. What would you recommend as the closest match for the Rare Silk shade?

    • Hello Amanda,

      You can give the Good Looking, More I See You and the Tell Me Why eye shadows a try to see if you like them. Thank You!

  • STEPHANIE GREGG September 1, 2014

    I can't find "light neutral" matte base. Is this no longer available?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      The Light Neutral base has been renamed as 2W Golden Light. It should be the same shade but with fewer ingredients (no Lauroyl Lysine and the ultramarines).

  • Michelle Horway October 8, 2014

    How come Bare Jojoba Base is not available as a sample?

    • Hi Michelle,

      We'll have this sample added to the kit today :) Thank You!

  • What is the new equivalent of Sandy Fair? I do not see it listed anywhere in the "formally" notes.

    • Hi Ashley,

      The 1N Ivory is the closest match in comparison to the Sandy Fair. We also offer the 7 Piece Sample Kit so that you can try out a variety of Base shades as well. Thank You!

  • Hi! I have a hard time finding the right tone for my skin. I'm a Finn, so my skin is typically quite fair. It's also prone to redness. I tried the jojoba base in Cream and Alabaster, the former was a little too dark for me and the latter is definitely too red. I also tried the fair neutral Matte base, it was okay but the ideal base would be a bit on the warm side... Suggestions?? :)

    • Hi Leena,

      We have more Jojoba shades coming out very shortly. When those are available, I'd recommend trying the samples of the fair shade options, they are lighter than the Cream and Alabaster. Thank You!

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