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  • If there’s anyone who understands the serious craft that goes into making truly CLEAN baby products, it’s Robin Brown - lifelong health advocate & co-founder of Erbaviva Organic Skincare. He’s been behind every new product launch for thoughtful baby care through Erbaviva since 1996. He takes inspiration from his own children now, ever since becoming a father himself, with an emphasis on formulating products other families can also trust.

    We love Erbaviva’s strong and ethical values in ingredient sourcing and full transparency as well as the legacy it’s built on honing in on natural botanical ingredients with safe and effective results. Always organic and free from any harsh chemicals, each product is crafted in their green solar-powered facility in Los Angeles. Read more

  • For Glowing Skin...

    A Naturaleza’s Apothecary Glow Facial Serum
    The glow-getter we can all now have, at an incredibly great value. This clean beauty clutch is both serum and facial oil, for morning and evening wear. Pure oils of almond and jojoba, thoughtfully formulated with skin-brightening extracts make it a suitable match for all complexions.

    For Deeply Moisturized Skin...

    Jeffrey James Botanicals’ Grace & Truth Face & Body Oil
    A perfect all-in-one face AND body product that nourishes the skin with organic star ingredients hemp seed, jojoba, and rosehip seed oil, plus extracts of geranium, pink grapefruit, and lemongrass. Read more

  • Many of us have switched up our routine lately to give way to a more well-rounded lifestyle with goals leading the way. When we begun to think of how we can attain a healthier day-today routine, we should also bear in mind the quality of lifestyle we're bringing into existence. One of the best ways to start is by looking at the products we use EVERYDAY that contribute to our skin health.

    Swap Out Your Face Scrub For…

    When you envision plump, soft skin sustained with all the essential fatty acids, this Benjamin Soap Co Avocado Sea Salt Facial Polish fits the description. It's handcrafted in small batches with avocado, mango, and shea butters, oil extracted from apricots and almonds, and white willow bark extract. An easy addition to bring life to any complexion, and bring a certain softness you'll never wish to go back on. Read more


    One of my goals this year is to make bath time a MUST at least 3x a week! It’s not enough to find time month to month occasionally to soak. Salt baths have been proven to calm the nervous system and when you have a million things on your mind everyday, it’s important to keep your stress in check. Klei’s Soothe Lavender Bath Salt is amazing for true relaxing vibes. We’ve all heard of the effect lavender can have on the body, and it’s 100% true.


    One of my favorite ‘treats’ is, come on now - chocolate!! But not just any ole bar of chocolate. I love high quality, organic, & non-dairy chocolate. Even better when it has added nutrients, like nuts or fruit. Compartes Chocolates are handcrafted in small batches in my second favorite city, LA. We offer four of their yummy chocolate bars, each with special benefits; healing, beauty, superfood, energy. I never feel bad treating myself to a high quality chocolate treat! Read more

  • At times I feel tempted to simply give an e-giftcard or open invitation to my friends to choose what they would like when the special occasion comes around, but then I remember how fun it is to receive a surprise. I love seeing my friends faces light up when they see what I've picked out especially for them, it's a moment I'll cherish forever. With the holidays here alas, I've brought on a few new brands that share our same values and ultimately know how to craft products that will appeal to everyone, many of which are beautifully packaged and budget-friendly for the holidays.

    Recently, I’ve stumbled across SopranoLabs, with their lovely handcrafted soaps and clean aromatic perfumes. These are some of my favorites from them…

    This handcrafted vegan soap is blended with 100% organic vegetable and essential oils, shea butter, prickly pear powder extract, and pink french kaolin clay. They are all small batch.

    This oil is the new retinol, with soothing Rose Damask + Olive Squalane + Pomegranate Sterols + Ayurvedic botanical extracts to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, skin spots and uneven texture. It's the perfect oil for all skin types.

    This vegan Perfume Oil is a floral green fragrance that I love. It gives a sense of warm spring and delicate floral notes of the treasured English flower, Lily Of the Valley. Top notes of: citruses, lily-of-the-valley. Middle notes: rose, jasmine. Base notes: violet, green leaf, musk. Main accords: floral, green, soapy, rose, citrus.

    Another brand on my radar just in time for the holidays is Lucy B’s Hydra Bloom - also female-owned and uniquely inspired by nature. These are a few of my favorites, which I can’t wait to give as stocking stuffers this year… Read more

  • Aren’t men always the trickiest to shop for? When it comes around to the holiday season especially, I feel a bit hesitant with choosing what to gift. After all, we all want to give a gift that won’t just be set aside to collect dust! I’ve found the best pieces to be unique, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and then sharing smaller, more affordable but ultra useful gifts he can use day-to-day to be the best.

    Yes, giving the gift of body wash may sound a little silly - but it makes a great stocking stuffer! And I’m telling you, he’ll appreciate something he can use in his daily routine. This wash has a great uplifting scent from real organic essential oils of geranium and peppermint, which I love, and the quality of this wash shows in the ingredients. It’s even gentle enough for men with sensitive skin.

    Who said men can’t enjoy a healing bath too?!! This "super soak" formula is actually created for the ultimate healing bath. It's thoughtfully crafted with soothing ingredients like purifying sea salt, organic mustard, and organic eucalyptus essential oils. Perfect for his long day after the office! All-organic, & no harmful chemicals added that you would see in most bath products. Read more

  • INTRODUCING our latest addition to the Everyday Minerals collection, and right in the knick of time for the holidays - our LIP LUSTRES. Yes, we'd like you to meet our 7 unique shades.

    Allure is an ultra intense, cool pink - great for making a statement in or out of the house.

    Our bronzy About Jane Austen Luminous Blush - a gorgeous bronzy blush, ideal for medium to dark complexions, but amazing as contouring on light complexions with an iridescent gold luster for added wearable warmth. And, Elinor Lip Gloss - a baby pink shade with depth and iridescent gold shimmer.

    Bliss is a bold, intense pink, a true attention-getter for every occasion.

    Our Love Me Pink Luminous Blush - a darker rosy pink for the mysterious woman that shows little emotion except when it comes to love… And, Darcy Lip Gloss - a light sherbet shade paired with playful iridescent gold shimmer.

    Influential is a cool, purplish shade, giving an ever-so-subtle pop of color.

    Pair this lip with our You Sand Me Luminous Blush - a fair, cheery pink for the feminine beauty looking for a natural blush enhancer. And, Innovator Lip Gloss - a soft, oh-so-sweet baby pink for a simple pick-me-up. Read more

  • As in all seasons, we must change our skincare regimen to match with our sudden adjustment to change in other lifestyle areas. As with changing out our denim shorts and tees to jeans, sweat sets and cozy sweaters, we must also trade out a few products or invest in new ones to accommodate the new scene. The similar issue the majority of us seem to face in cooler weather is increasing dryness in our skin, or a lack of summer glow, so without further adieu, these are my top products that I recommend incorporating into your newly adjusted fall routine.

    This is a MUST year-round for me, really. The feeling of dry lips is always bothersome, so having a lip scrub - not to mention a super yummy lip scrub - on hand is convenient when my lips begin to even hint at making way for new, soft skin.

    These two really go hand-in-hand. A genuinely moisturizing “butter” that’s 100% vegan AND petroleum free (yuckyyy) to serve as a barrier and add a hint of gloss, which always makes the lips appear plumper, is a win-win for me. I often wear this "butter" directly over my bare lips, but for a meeting or dinner out, I'll generously dab it over my Everyday Natural's Lip Gloss of choice. Read more

  • My skin is definitely on the combination/oily side, however when I’m going through a major breakout I tend to bump up the glycolic acid and other powerful acne-fighting yet unfortunately drying ingredients. A few of these products I’ll incorporate into my routine for 2-4 days as a barrier while my skin heals. And others I’ve listed, I would not personally use for my skin type as they be a bit heavy on my sensitive combo skin.

    Pangea’s Organics Facial Cream Dry & Sensitive Skin

    The Rose Otto Essential Oil in this facial cream is calming and deeply nourishing for all skin types, even sensitive & mature. Argan Oil is all the rave right now, and for good reason, it's glow inducing benefits with antioxidants like Vitamins A + E and complexion-loving omega-6 fatty acids and Linoleic Acid make it worthy in a woman's beauty wardrobe. Argan actually absorbs rapidly and in turn boosts cell turnover, which is crucial in any morning routine for bringing out sustainable supple skin. Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil further enhance the glow and even help with sun damage. Marshmallow plumps the skin and soothes unwanted dryness and premature aging. Read more

  • We’re going through a strange time. And for many of us, it’s taken a toll on our mental health, and for others still, the health state of our skin. My skin is particularly prone to breakouts, and in all of my years of constant trial & error, I have found a nighttime bath routine with a candle, Himalayan pink salt & a good face mask.These are just a handful of MANY I’ve used, my most-trusted mask bffs.

    Bodhi's 2-In-1 Cleansing Glow Mask

    This soap-based clay mask gives the skin a deep purifying cleanse that promises glow power. It’s blended with Rice Bran and Sugar Crystals for exfoliation, Bentonite for pulling out all the yuckies that clog our pores day in & day out, Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Shea & Jojoba to retain moisture, and Matcha for glow enhancement.

    Acure’s Seriously Soothing Biocellulose Gel Mask

    This sheet mask, yep, rinse-free, is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Ideal for thirsty skin needing a little hydration boost with its star ingredients fermented Coconut and Hyaluronic Acid & Plant Peptides, but also a go-to when relaxing in the salt-bath on good skin days.

    Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Sheet Mask

    Ultra-hydration for any skin type. This sheet mask contains nourishing Argan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid for skin-deep GLOW. Other key ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and soothing Cucumber Extract - perfect all-purpose facial treatment for your skin before the day is done. Read more