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Getting to Know You - All about Our Jar Sizes

What do those jar sizes mean? Good question! Here’s a quick and easy guide to Everyday Minerals’ jar sizes.

Our jars make a sweet family, don’t they? I get so excited when they’re full of awesome Everyday Minerals products. From left to right, here’s everything you need to know.

Bigger Jars

Bigger jars hold a whopping 1 oz/28 g. Our Bigger Finishing Dust is the only product available in this size, and only in the summertime to help counteract all the extra glistening we do at that time of year.

Big Jars

Big jars hold .17 oz/4.8 g. Our base, finishing powders, primers, and blushes all come in big jars. That much base will last 3-4 months. Amazingly, you’ll need even less, making your base last even longer, if you use one of our awesome primers, here, or find the base that’s the perfect match for your skin tone. I love sharing tricks of the trade (wink)!

Another cool thing about our big jars is you can Return 8, Get One Free. Send us back 8 empty big jars and we’ll send you a blush of your choice! We recycle your empties and make more of your favorite products. That’s great for you, us, and the environment. Base, Face, and Cheek containers are eligible for recycling.

Big Empties are also available for individual purchase. It is good to have a spare jar when you want to mix bases in order to get a custom color. And it becomes very handy when you get your free samples - perfect for storing the powder from a sample bag, that usually is enough for a week of use.

Big Empty Jar by Everyday Minerals

Mini Jars

Mini jars hold .06 oz/1.7 g, and appear in our exciting Custom Kits. Each mini is a little dynamo that will last a month or more, depending on your makeup style. Custom Kits are fantastic values, containing six mini jars of products, three of which are custom-selected by you. Mini is a regular size for our Eye Shadows, Eyeliners, Multi-tasking Concealers, and Jojoba Color Correctors.

Baby Jars

Baby jars (so cute!) are half the size of a mini, with .03 oz/0.85 g. Our Makeup Counter Kits contain baby sizes of three eye shadows plus a tinted lip balm. So fun to choose your favorite look, here!

Now you know all about our jars, let us know what else is on your mind. We love hearing from our fans!

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  • Miia Säkkinen February 5, 2017

    Hi! I was wondering if you could add an empty mini-sized container into your collection? I am going backpacking in the summer and don't want to be carrying a lot of makeup around, so it would be nice if I could take my matte base with me in a smaller container. Love your products btw, the matte line has the perfect colors for me for winter AND summer, and feels and looks amazing on the skin!

    • That's a good idea! We keep that in mind and we'll share with our Creative team :) Thank You!

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