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Ingredient Spotlight: Jojoba Esters

Among Everyday Mineral's most loved ideals are our Jojoba Color Correctors and Jojoba Base shades. As you could probably guess, from what their very names could tell, these products consist of Jojoba as one of their main ingredients. So today, on our Ingredient Spotlight, we let you, our beloved customers, get a closer look to one of our star ingredients – the Jojoba Esters


Jojoba (scientific name simmondsia chinensis), a desert shrub, belongs to a family of flowering plants called Simmondsiaceae. It is indigenous to Northern Mexico, Arizona, California and other deserts around the world. Jojoba grows about 2 meters tall with broad, dense crown. They have waxy, gray-green oval shape leaves and flowers with 5-6 sepals. Jojoba typically blooms between the months of March to May.

Jojoba's discovery is often credited to Hernan Cortez, a conquistador of the Aztec culture. Historians claimed that natives used jojoba seed as foods and the oil from jojoba seeds was used to treat wounds.


Fast forward, Jojoba is now widely use in the cosmetic industry because of its remarkable characteristics to produce natural oils same as those that can be found on human skin. Technically, jojoba works excellently as a skin moisturizer.

It was in 1934 when chemists from the University of Arizona discovered that Jojoba is the only plant that can produce wax esters. Jojoba contains vitamins A, D and E and powerful antioxidants and fatty acids like Omega 6 & 9. Jojoba esters have buttery consistency and are trans-free unlike any other form of butters. Jojoba esters are odorless, colorless white and melt at 15°C to70°C temperature.


Everyday Minerals uses Jojoba Esters in the following products: Jojoba Color Corrector and Jojoba Base shades.

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