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Introducing the Jewel of the Heart Kit

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, “jewel of the heart?” Is the jewel of your heart the thing or person you love most? Is it the secret hope or dream you haven’t yet dared to share? Or is it simply that shining core that makes you who you are?

We all dream of having people and products in our lives that help us be most truly ourselves. Our simple, sensational new offering, the Jewel of the Heart Kit, is one of those products. With understated elegance, it lets your inner beauty do all the talking. Let your light shine!

Here’s what we used to create this radiant look for our model:

  • She’s Inspirational Eye Shadow*
  • Loving Whisper Satin Eye Shadow*
  • Almond Satin Eye Shadow*
  • Cameo Blush
  • Inspire Tinted Lip Balm*
  • Poipular Shores Bronzer
  • Bronzed Finishing Dust
  • Golden Tan 5W Semi-Matte Base
  • Baby Flat Top Brush
  • Angled Blush Brush
  • Double Perfect Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Brush

*These available together in Jewel of the Heart Kit.

Follow These Steps to Create the Look

1. First cleanse your face with your choice of facial wash and warm water. Apply a light layer of SPF 15 or higher moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Wait five minutes to allow your skin to absorb moisturizer.

2. Create your gorgeous palette. Begin with primer and concealer if desired or needed for covering blemishes, uneven color, or under-eye circles. Next, apply Golden Tan 5W Semi-Matte Base. We used the Baby Flat Top Brush and short, even strokes for smooth, flawless coverage.

3. Next: Eyes! Using the wider tip of your Double Perfect Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Brush, first apply She’s Inspirational Eye Shadow to your eyelid and crease. Now add Loving Whisper as a bright accent under your eyebrows and on the center of your eyelids near the lashes. Smooth Almond Satin on the outer edges of lower lids and inner corners of upper lids for contour. Blend carefully for a smooth, natural look.


She's Inspirational Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals She's Inspirational Eye Shadow



Loving Whisper Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals Loving Whisper Eye Shadow



Almond Satin Eye Shadow by Everyday Minerals Almond Satin Eye Shadow


4. Apply Cameo Blush using your Angled Blush Brush. Sweep smoothly from the apple of your cheek toward your temple. For contour and a kiss of sunny glow, add light strokes of Poipular Shores Bronzer under cheekbones, on chin, and along hairline.

5. Set and perfect with a soft, all-over dusting of Bronzed Finishing Dust.

6. Complete the look with Inspire tinted lip balm. Beautiful!

Jewel in the Heart Night Look by Everyday Minerals

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